A-gantea: Enjoyable High Quality Alpine Milk Tea at Ayala Triangle Gardens

Last month, I hanged out with some friends at A-gantea Ayala Triangle Gardens.  As it was celebrating its anniversary, they offered FREE upsize and a chance to win prices with their dice game. 

a gantea ayala triangle gardens
I'm so happy I got to see Teabo =D  He even has a girl friend. =)

a gantea ayala triangle gardens
They have an outdoor area.

a gantea ayala triangle gardens
But, the counter is inside sharing the space with Bread Talk.

a gantea ayala triangle gardens
They offer cozy seating and FREE WiFi which makes it an ideal hang out or meeting place for tourists, professionals, workers, students and more!

A-gantea is derived from agan which means "sweet and refreshing after-taste".  It is different from others because it is made from high quality alpine leaves.  Let me share with you the drinks I've tried.

roselle honey tea
Roselle Honey Tea with Aiyu Jelly M (80 php)
It's not my first time with Roselle tea so I was more intrigued with what Aiyu Jelly is.  Agantea is the only milk tea shop I've encountered that offers it.  It is also called "ice jelly" in Singapore and it is made from seeds of various figs.  I loved it!  The Roselle Honey Tea has a very flavorful beverage with a concentrated sourness like that of a prune juice with sweetness from the honey.  I personally found it a bit too sweet for my taste but there's no sweetness level for this drink.

Fruit Tea

My little sisters are avid fans of A-gantea's Fruit Tea selection.  They consider this selections as A-gantea's specialty and I'm inclined to agree.

mango tea
Mango Green Tea with Agar Jelly M (80 php)
The Mango Green Tea with Agar Jelly is a must try!  This is refreshing drink is so blissful with its sweet and tangy notes with mini agar bits that are fun to chew.

Milk Tea

bubble milk tea
Bubble Milk Tea with Pearls M (85 php)
The Bubble Milk Tea with Pearls are for those who prefer a light tea taste and milkier drink.

milk black tea
A-Gan Milk Black Tea with Herbal Jelly M (95 php)
The A-Gan Milk Black Tea with Herbal Jelly is more flavorful than the Bubble Tea.  The Herbal Jelly also known as Grass Jelly has a nice consistency.  I used to prefer this before I tried the Aiyu Jelly.

red bean matcha
Red Bean Matcha M (90 php)
The Red Bean Matcha is a rich Matcha drink with crushed or semi-mushed red beans.  I recommend this for matcha lovers like me.  I like the crushed red beans idea too cause I'm a bit lazy in chewing haha! XD

Since we usually buy for take home, I'd like to note that they also have a great packaging for take out. =D 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
A-gantea offers high quality alpine milk tea and especially Fruit Teas!  They have a lot of variants so I've sure you'll find one that soothes your taste.  I really like their Fruit Tea selections and Aiyu Jelly.  Next time, I'll try their Taro Bits for toppings cause I just realized I've never tried that before.  We'll definitely keep coming back for A-gantea.  They have affordable pricing, friendly staff, cozy ambiance and FREE WiFi too.

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Branches Greenbelt 2 Park
Greenbelt 2, Esperanza St Ayala Center,
Makati City, Metro Manila
Contact: (02) 751-3338

Robinsons Place Manila
G/F, Pedro Gil Wing, Adriatico St. Ermita,
Manila, Metro Manila
Contact: (02)  354-6197

Ayala Triangle Gardens
Makati Ave. Bel-Air,
Makati City, Metro Manila
Contact: (02) 621-6133

Eastwood Mall
Eastwood City Cyber Park Bagumbayan
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Contact: (02) 584-3333
Business Hours 10 am-10 pm (mall hours) 
EXCEPT Eastwood Branch 24 hours (Closed on Sundays)
Payment Options Cash
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Budget/Person 80-200
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
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