Slappy Cakes Eastwood: Let the Slappy Happy Fun with Pancakes Begin!

Slappy Cakes is a franchise from Oregon Portland and has branches in Tokyo, Japan and Maui too.  It is an all-day breakfast restaurant with a "Make Your Own Pancake Right at your Table" concept.

slappy cakes eastwood
Slappy Cakes in Eastwood City Mall has an inviting bright orange signage.  I heard it replaced O'sonho.

Check out this video about Slappy Cakes

slappy cakes eastwood
The servers are all wearing the orange Slappy Cakes shirt with white long sleeves consistent with their color scheme. 

slappy cakes eastwood
The place is well-lit highlighting each table equipped with non-stick pancake grills that could seat up to 8 people.  I could tell from the set up that its recommended for groups.

the foodies circle slappy cakes
So, bring your family, friends and special someone for a slappy happy fun session.  Of course, I came with the girls from The Foodies Circle who are like the colorful and flavorful batter to my pancake grill. =)  Like happy little kids, the girls and I were counting the days in excitement until we finally visited Slappy Cakes.  Believe it or not, I used to be a reserved wall flower until I met them. 

Make Your Own Pancakes

Step 1: Choose Your Batter
slappy cakes batter
Peanut Butter (260 php), Vegan (260 php), Whole Grain (225 php), Buttermilk (225 php) and Chocolate (260 php)
So your batter is like your jumbo pencil to your edible art work.  Each one has its own flavor, consistency and texture.  We just couldn't limit ourselves and tried them all!

Peanut Butter (260 php)
I don't recall having tried Peanut Butter batter before.  This is worth the try!  The flavor is light which is good because you do have a whole bottle to consume.  The consistency is perfect for drawing too.

Vegan (260 php)
The Vegan doesn't have any milk in it.  I was kind of expecting this to taste like the usual batter but it has a bit of a saltiness to it.  This is a bit more diluted compared to the rest.  So if you're going to use this, a gentle squeeze will do.

Whole Grain (225 php)
The Whole Grain has a pleasant roughness to it.  It's perfect for making slightly toasted and crispy pancakes.  I enjoyed it as a drawing tool too.

Buttermilk (225 php)
The Buttermilk is your classic batter.  I'm afraid that's all I can say about it.

Chocolate (260 php)
The Chocolate is my favorite!  It has a bold rich bitter sweet flavor.  It kind of taste like a brownie but twice as fun with the make your own pancake experience!  It also adds color to your pancake plate.   But, using it to draw could be quite challenging.

Step 2: Pick Some Fixins and Step 3: Add Some Toppings
slappy cakes fixins
Bacon (80 php), Maple Syrup (45 php), Blueberries (75 php), Mangoes (60 php) and Chocolate Chips (45 php)
They had a lot of fixins from fresh fruits like Mangoes, sweetened ones like Blueberries to savory ones like the Bacon which you can add to your batter while cooking.

For toppings we had the classic Maple Syrup (80 php) and Lemon Curd (80 php).

slappy cakes eastwood
one bottle of batter can make a lot of pancakes so take your time.  You can practice making plain simple ones at first.

slappy cakes eastwood
Or better yet, you can start by writing your name or messages. 

slappy cakes eastwood
You can form shapes too.  I found the heart shape to be the easiest one to make. 

slappy cakes eastwood
And, this is my "butterfly" turned "Easter bunny" Multigrain and Peanut Butter topped with Blueberries and Mangoes pancake.  My friends say it looks like a "deformed fetus". =)) Whatever it is, it ended up in my tummy.  ;)

slappy cakes savory fixin
Bacon (80 php) and Assorted Mushroom (70 php)
From the Savory Fixin, I attempted to make my savory pancake.

slappy cakes savory
Heart shaped multigrain and chocolate with bacon and mushroom pancake.
blueberries lemon curd
Blueberries (75 php) and Lemon Curd (80 php)
blueberries lemon curd
I also tried the menu suggestion to make Blueberries Pancakes and after cooking top it with Lemon Curd.  It was pretty good.  The Lemon Curd is quite tasty so a thin spread is enough.

slappy cakes
Sumi's Pancakes
Sumi has always been the creative one in our group.  You can make cute ones like these too for you and your better half.

the foodies circle
The Foodies Circle Collaborative Piece
You can transform the grill into your canvass like we did.  Here's a collaborative piece we made. =)  I'm gonna try making a butterfly again like Berylle's next time. ;D

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Slappy Cakes is a fun definitely a must try place for slappy happy fun moments to cherish with your friends and loves ones.  Aside from pancakes, they serve breakfast meals too.  The staff shared that the Truck Stop and Pork Belly Benedict are their best-sellers.  I'm going to try those on my next visit.  Oh, they also have alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages which are available even in the morning.  They believe that its never too early to drink!

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Slappy Cakes Eastwood
Business Address Unit 1880-5 New Eastwood Mall, 
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 7am-12 am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi Yes (weak)
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 909-3501
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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