Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe: Wide Variety of Chinese Dishes

I have to admit I've been disheartened to write due to the damage that the Habagat (Southwest Monsoon) floods have inflicted.  Surely, I will never forget how 90% of Manila and 50% of Metro Manila was submerged in flood waters.  But, we should not let a calamity waiver our spirits so I'm back to writing again.  I figured at times like these, its best to remember the positive things in life.    

Despite the cold weather, I feel the warmth as my family helped each other in organizing our donations.  It felt the same way as when we go out to eat together such as our pleasant visit at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe last month at SM Mall of Asia.  

xin wang hong kong cafe
I've encountered a mix feedback for Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe so we were quite reluctant in trying it out.  But every time we pass by the place, we felt intrigued so this time, we gave in to our curiosities.

xin wang hong kong cafe xin wang hong kong cafe
Upon entry, we were ushered to a table among many as the venue was huge.  It has a wall with a painting that depicted Hong Kong with its tall building and double decker bussess.

According to our attentive and courteous waiter (sorry I forgot his name), Xing Wang Hong Kong Cafe is franchised from Singapore.  

xin wang hong kong cafe
The utensil holder are the ones you commonly at Hong Kong diners except that Xin Wang's has spoon and forks which we Filipinos are accustomed to.

Our orders were quick to arrive and they were served piping hot too.  

Bamboo Rice
Every since I was a child, I loved eating from a bamboo.  I can still reminisce my first time was during a hike where the Ifugao's would cook their bamboo dishes over wood fire.  I've always ordered dishes served in bamboo ever since.  
HK Steamed Mushroom Chicken Bamboo Rice
HK Steamed Mushroom Chicken Bamboo Rice (195 php)
The HK Steamed Mushroom Chicken Bamboo Rice is one of the most popular Chinese dishes served in bamboo.  I find Xin Wang's version quite fulfilling.  The balance of flavors and the textures are superb.

HK chinese sausage bamboo rice
 HK Chinese Sausage Bamboo Rice (195 php)
The HK Chinese Sausage Bamboo Rice had a generous amount of sliced Chinese sausage.  The combination of the flavorful Chinese Sausage and the sauce made this a pleasurable meal.

Hong Kong Noodles
prawn and egg sauteed hor fun
 Prawn and Egg Sauteed Hor Fun (225 php)
The Prawn and Egg Sauteed Hor Fun is full of tenderness and smoothness that will surely tantalize your mouth.  The light sauce makes you crave for more.  

sambal seafood with egg and rice
Sambal Seafood with Egg and Rice (185 php)
The Sambal Seafood with Egg and Rice is the kind of spicy dish that you've find tasty but not overwhelming.  That's of course supposing that you have a high spiciness tolerance like me. =D

Soup Noodles
soup noodle with chye poh egg and pork floss
  Soup Noodle with Chye Poh Egg and Pork Floss (205 php)
The Soup Noodle with Chye Poh Egg and Pork Floss is simple yet delightful noodle soup.  The Chye Poh Egg is a smooth omelette with salty preserved raddish bits.  I loved this!

Original Hong Kong Curry
mixed vegetables curry
Mixed Vegetables Curry (215 php)
The Mixed Vegetables Curry had a powerful curry taste so I'd recommend this for sharing.  This had tofu, potatoes and vegetables.  Although it was delicious, you could get overwhelmed.  I had a hard time finishing this on my own.  

Roti Prata
Roti Prata
 Roti Prata 2 pcs. (50 php x 2)
To pair with my Mixed Vegetables Curry, I ordered two pcs. of Roti Prata.  It wasn't on the menu but the server informed me that I could order it as an alternative to rice.  They serve their Roti Prata round and flat just like pancakes.  Although I find it to be quite pricey, it was one of the best Roti Prata I've encountered.  It was soft, chewy, smooth, moist and not too oily.

Cold Desserts
Special Mango Snow Ice
Special Mango Snow Ice (125 php)
The Special Mango Snow Ice was delivered in a beautiful presentation.  It was a tower of shave iced with a scoop of mango ice cream on top and covered in mango puree, mango syrup and tangy mango bits.  I enjoyed the light contrast of tangy fresh mango bits against the other components but it fell short on my expectations as against the smoothness of the shaved ice at Lugang Cafe and the refreshing and flavorful twist of the shave ice at The Chicken Rice Shop.  

Iced HK Ying Yong
 Iced HK Ying Yong (75 php)
The Iced HK Ying Yong is served in a cold steel mug.  It is a harmonious combination of coffee and tea.  It's a must try!

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Unlike other cafes, Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe serves wide variety of delicious Chinese and other Asian dishes.  We are all looking forward to trying more of their offerings.  Check out their menu to see what I mean. =D  Moreover, their service is top-notch as their staffs are all courteous, attentive and eager to serve.  Their price is more expensive that typical Chinese restaurants but its reasonable since its a franchise and the food quality is excellent.  

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Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
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