Grappa's Ristorante: Authentic Italian in Greenbelt 3

We've been passing by Grappa's Ristorante at Greenbelt 3 so when we were craving for Italian cuisine, the family decided to give it a try.

grappa's ristorante
Grappa is a type of brandy with an Italian origin so it's no surprise that the place has a bar.   It also has a spacious and elegant dining area.  During our dinner, I noticed that the other tables were occupied by foreigners and most of them are Italians.  

grappa's ristorante
Complimentary Bread
While waiting for our order, we were served a plateful of warm Complimentary Bread which we all loved.

Antipasti Caldi (Hot Appetizers)
Melanzane all' Aglio e Parmigiano
Melanzane all' Aglio e Parmigiano (395 php)
The Melanzane all' Aglio e Parmigiano is eggplant filled with loads of roasted garlic and parmesan cheese.  Though simple, I was pleased with this light treat because of its strong garlic scent and flavor.

Insalate (Salads)
caesar salad
 Insalata Cesare (398 php)
If you've been following my blog, you would probably notice that we always order Caesar salads whenever we can.  Our enticement grew even more when our server recommended it as their award-winning dish.  True enough, it was really good.

Rissoto e Gnocchi
 Gnocchi di Patate Ripieni di Salsa di Pomodorini Secchi su Fonduta di Scamorza Affumicata e Gocce di Pesto (595 php)
I must have been to Italian restaurants hundreds of times but it was my first time to encounter a gnocchi.  Seeing our curiosity, our server encouraged us to give it a try.  We ordered the Gnocchi di Patate Ripieni di Salsa di Pomodorini Secchi su Fonduta di Scamorza Affumicata e Gocce di Pesto which is a potato gnocchi with sun-dried tomato sauce over a smoked mozzarella fondue with a hint of pesto.  The gnocchi is soft and chewy.  The texture reminded me of our local taro balls.  The tomato sauce and the mozzarella had a good contrast.  The pesto is hardly recognizable but overall, we enjoyed this!  It is a must try!

spinach mushroom pizza
 Pizza ai Funghi e Spinaci (495 php)
We were supposed to skip the pizza since all of us were quite full for the night.  But, the waiter insisted that we give their pizzas a try.  We were glad we took his word for it and ordered the Pizza ai Funghi e Spinaci.  It was topped filled with all my favorites: Spinach, mushroom and cheese.  It was awesome!  

Fettucine ai Quattro Formaggi e Funghi
 Fettucine ai Quattro Formaggi e Funghi (495 php)
The Fettucine ai Quattro Formaggi e Funghi is thin flat noodle with a cream sauce topped with gorgonzola, fontina, provolone picante, parmesan cheese, mushroom, thyme and basil.  This is the best dish among all our orders!  It has the right play of flavors that will definitely allure your taste buds.

linguine tutto mare
 Linguine Tutto Mare (685 php)
The Linguine Tutto Mare is linguine topped with luxurious seafood: huge shrimps, scallops, sea bass, salmon and calamari.  I find this dish to be quite tasty with the sweetness from the seafood and rich zesty tomato sauce.  I also loved the way the tomato chunks and zucchini was able too enhance it in terms of flavor and texture.

san miguel draft beer
San Miguel Draft Beer 
Back in the day, my little sister used to enjoy Grappa's home brewed beer so we decided to ask about it.  We found out that since their change in management, they are no longer offering those so we had to settle for a glass of San Miguel Draft Beer instead.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Grappa's Ristorante is a great place for food and drinks.  Although losing they are no longer offering their home-brewed beers, their dishes are quite good.  Price is a bit expensive but the service such is good for sharing.  Grappa's also has a great sense of hospitality.  Their staffs are very polite, friendly and entertaining.  They are open to suggestions and encourage you to comment about their specialties.

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Grappa's Ristorante
Business Address 2/F Greenbelt 3,
Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St., Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
Business Hours
10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 600-1,000
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 720-2668
Other  Email: Facebook Fan Page
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