Max's Restaurant 4Sharing Meal and A Chance to Win an Iphone 4S

Max's Restaurant has always been my family's favorite restaurant.  Whenever we don't feel like eating somewhere new, Max's is one of our top considerations.  Max's is a great hang out place with friends too.  

As Max's Restaurant introduces its 4sharing meals to allow us to save more money while enjoying a meal our companions.  The 4sharing meals one whole Regular Fried Chicken, a bowl of Sinigang of your choice, four servings of rice and four glasses of iced tea.  Max's has four Sinigang options to choose from: Sinigang na Baboy, Sinigang na Tyan ng Bangus, Sinigang na Hipon, and Sinigang na Tyan at Ulo ng Salmon
max's fried chicken
Regular Fried Chicken
sinigang na hipon
Sinigang na Hipon
 The 4sharing meal is priced at 799 php allowing the group to save as much as 187 php.  The 4sharing meals is available for dine-in and take out from April 15 to June 10, 2012.

My Hopefully Lucky Receipt =D
In addition to the savings, you also get a chance to win one of 32 Iphone 4S that will be raffled off during the 8-week promo duration.  4 Iphone 4S will be raffled each week.  To qualify, you need to input your receipt details at  It's up to you which week you opt to join but you can only enter the receipt once.

Max's Scout Tuazon
My friends simply didn't let the opportunity pass as we dined at Max's very first branch at Scout Tuazon.  It's was simply one of the biggest  Max's branch with great ambiance especially the outdoor area.

Max's Scout Tuazon
Well, hurry and join while you can!  I'm hoping that we all win. =D

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