Jollibee Floats and New Treats for the Perfect Summer Chill Out

Ever since I was a child, I have always looked forward to an awesome summer and I'm glad it's finally here!  But, we can't deny how the tremendous heat is here in our tropical country.  We'd want to chill out somewhere cool and comfortable whenever we can.  A great place to chill is Jollibee.


Where ever you are, you can always seek refuge in any Jollibee branch.  You're sure to be refreshed and re-energized with the new Jollibee Floats the comes in two new flavors: Coffee and Chocolate flavors.
jollibee floats

Sundaes and Floats
jollibee coffee floats
Jollibee Coffee Float (45 php) 
The new Jollibee Coffee Float is an ice cold smooth and aromatic coffee topped with rich vanilla soft serve and chocolate syrup.  It is individually priced at 45 php.  But, you can save some cash if you order it as an add on to your favorite Jollibee value meals where you will only add 25 php.  

jollibee chocolate floats
Jollibee Chocolate Float (45 php) 
On the other hand, the new Jollibee Chocolate Float is a rich chocolate drink topped with creamy vanilla soft serve and chocolate syrup.  

Your probably wondering which of the two is better.  Honestly, I couldn't choose between the two so I had them both.  The Jollibee Coffee Float is sure to satisfy coffee lovers such as myself.   While, the Jollibee Chocolate Float offers a familiar taste of rich classic chocolate that chocolate lovers of all ages will surely adore!

Available in all Jollibee stores starting April 11 for Luzon and April 25 for Visayas and Mindanao.

Sandwiches and Sides
jollibee cheese flavored fries
Cheese Flavored Fries (51 php)
jollibee sourcream flavored fries
Sour Cream Flavored Fries (51 php)
The perfect partner for sundaes and floats are the Jollibee Flavored Fries.   You can dip enjoy eating it separately of dip it on the soft serve vanilla ice cream.  Yum!  One thing I love about the Jollibee Flavored Fries is the consistency of its crispiness.  Since I was a child, these have never let me down.

jollibee hash brown
Jollibee Hash Brown Burger (80 php)

I've always loved hash brown.  Is crunchy on the outside and mushy in the inside.  I've so glad that the Jollibee Hash Brown Burger is baked so its way healthier than the fried ones.  Despite the size, its actually heavier than a normal burger.

jollibee chicken mushroom pasta
Chicken and Mushroom Pasta (55 php)
The Chicken and Mushroom Pasta is a new alternative from the all-time favorite Jollibee Spaghetti.  It's a mixture of flavors.  It's a bit tangy, peppery and salty.  

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