Chic-Boy Chicken at Baboy: Late Dinner is Not a Problem

Last December, it was already around 10 p.m. when we, Tsinoy Foodies, finished our Christmas shopping at Harrison Plaza.  Every restaurant was already closing except for Chic-Boy Chicken at Baboy which was still packed on that late rainy night.  This was our second encounter with Chic-Boy (see previous entry).
As expected, this branch is no different from the other branches in terms of color patterns and interiors. 

They had a fun Christmas Tree by the counter.  We enjoyed watching the Santa pop out as we lined up for our orders.


Sizzling Specials (Served with House Rice and Soup)
lechon sisig
SS-1 Lechon Sisig (99 php)
The Lechon Sisig was served warm with chili and onion bits.  You can order an extra egg.  But, in our case, but fellow Tsinoy Foodie opted not to because we ordered one too many dishes.  There were parts of the sisig which were a bit crunchy.  Some where not.  In terms of flavor, it was just okay.

Chibog Busog Meal (Rice All You Can!!!)
The Chibog Busog Meal or Rice All You Can meals is one of the best selling selections at Chic-boy.

CB-1 Paa (leg quarter) with Plain Rice and House Soup (99 php)
chic-boy  petso
CB-2 Petso (breast with wing) with Plain Rice and House Soup (99 php) 
The Paa (leg quarter) and  Petso (breast with wing) were served hot.  It's best to enjoy with a soy sauce with calamansi and chili.  

cebu lechon liempo
CB-6 Cebu Lechon Liempo with Plain Rice and House Soup (99 php)  
The Cebu Lechon Liempo was hot and tender.  The skin was not as crispy as I had hoped.  

The best part in eating at Chic-Boy is the unlimited rice, broth soup and the fried garlic bits found together with the other sauces at the center of the table.  I always mix the fried garlic with my rice yum!    The Chibog Busog Meal or Rice All You Can are not fitting for people like me who are not much of a rice eater.  But, if you're like fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt who had can take around four cups of rice, then the Chibog Busog Meal or Rice All You Can is for you.

leche flan
D-2 Leche Flan (35 php)
The Leche Flan was okay.  It was served in generous amount of caramelize syrup.  The price was reasonable.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Chic-Boy Chicken at Baboy is an affordable option that can satisfy your stomach even during late hours.  The food proportions are generous in size and quantity.  The flavors are pretty good.  We felt that we got our money's worth.  The service was really good.  Refills for sauce and rice is quick as servers are keen to notice.

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Chic-Boy Chicken at Baboy Harrison Plaza 
Business Address G/F Harrison Plaza, Adriatico St., Malate
Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-11pm
Payment Options   Cash
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Budget/Person 99-150
Contact (02) 354-2430
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