Shiok: The Inconspicuous Affordable Singapore-Malaysian Restaurant at Fort (Closed)

Many have the impression that restaurants at the Fort Bonifacio Global City area is expensive when there are actually a lot of affordable options around.  A few months ago, we discovered Shiok.  It is an affordable Singapore-Malaysian Restaurant by the 2nd street.  It may seem inconspicuous because you have to enter the parking lot to see it and it is amongst establishments like 7-11 and a barber shop.

shiok fort
Glancing from the outside, we initially thought Shiok was a Chinese restaurant because "Shiok" means "cheap" in Fukien.  But, as we saw the menu, we found at that it serves Singaporean and Malaysian dishes.  The place is very clean and simple with only a few tables.
shiok star publication
It's the first time we've encountered Shiok but we noticed they have a featured article plastered on their wall.  


Hainanese Chicken Rice
hainanese chicken
Hainanese Chicken Rice Whole Chicken (900 php)
chicken rice
Chicken Rice
The Hainanese Chicken Rice came with Chicken Rice and Clear broth soup.  I think the Hainanese Chicken Rice is a bit expensive compared to its other offerings.  The chicken was not fat and large and the taste was nothing special.  I also assumed that the  Hainanese Chicken Rice Whole Chicken was meant for sharing like the one we had at Chicken Rice Shop.  But, it only came with one Chicken Rice so we had to order additional Chicken Rice for the rest of us.  

Hainanese Chicken Rice
spicy pineapple fish
Spicy Pineapple Fish (150 php)
The Spicy Pineapple Fish is crispy dory fish fillet with spicy, sweet and sour sauce topped with pineapple bits.  It was pretty good.

fried fish with eggplant
 Fried Fish with Eggplant (180 php)
I like the Fried Fish with Eggplant more that the the Spicy Pineapple Fish because it is also dory fish but has more sauce.  The eggplant is a great complement too.

char kwey teow
Char Kwey Teow (160 php)
The Char Kwey Teow was delicious!  I enjoyed it because I could appreciate the taste of all ingredients perfectly.

nonya laksa
 Nonya Laksa (325 php)
The Nonya Laksa is served with bean sprouts, large prawns, fish cakes, tofu and some herbs.  It was spicy with a coconut milk taste.  Because of its strong taste and large serving size, we found this difficult to finish.

fishball kwey teow
Fishball Kwey Teow (185 php)
Honestly, it was our first time to try the Fishball Kwey Teow.  We expected it to be somewhat similar to the Char Kwey Teow.  But, we were surprised that it is a noodle soup dish.  It had a light and refreshing taste.

roti prata
 Roti Prata (55 php)
I love Pratas so the Roti Prata is always a must order for me.  Shiok's Roti Prata was done right!  It was served hot, crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.  

Murtabak (85 php)
The Murtabak is the same Roti Prata with ground beef curry, egg and garlic.  The curry was not that strong and it went well with the Roti Prata.

cheese prata
Cheese Prata (70 php)
The Cheese Prata is the same Roti Prata with cheddar cheese.  It reminds me of quesadilla.  

Roasts Ala Carte
crispy pork
Crispy Pork (180 php)
The Crispy Pork is actually Lechon Macau.  It came with hoisin sauce and mustard.  The skin was crispy and the meat was soft and tender.  

Roasts Set with Rice and Iced Tea
soy chicken
Soy Chicken Set (160 php)
The Soy Chicken Set came in a generous serving size with a pechay as side dish.  It also came with rice and iced tea.  The Soy Chicken is tasty and tender.

Malaysian Specialties
We wanted to try the Smashed Chicken because we were curious if it was the same with our local pinikpikan chicken but it was not available at the time.

Baked Curry Rice
hainanese chicken curry rice
 Hainanese Chicken Curry (250 php)
The Hainanese Chicken Curry was the best dish we ordered that night!  It was very very delicious!  I don't even like curry but I'd crave for this any day.  The melted cheese, the light curry taste and the tender, juicy chicken is perfect!  I highly recommend this dish.

Side Dish
Bokchoy with Oyster Sauce (120 php)
A meal for us is never complete without vegetables.  We ordered the Bokchoy with Oyster Sauce.  It was fragrant because of all those garlic bits.  

teh c
 Teh-C (60 php)
In their menu, they indicated Teh O/C.  But, the waiter doesn't appear to know the distinction between two.  When we ordered Teh-C, the server repeated our order and he stated Teh O/C.  We were all surprised because Teh-O meant without milk and only sugar while Teh-C was with evaporated milk.  But, we did get our Teh-C. =) It was really good!  It had a strong tea taste and it was not too sweet.  I ordered this twice!

michael jackson drink
Michael Jackson (60 php)
The Michael Jackson is Soya milk with grass jelly.  At first sip, I found the Soya milk too strong.  It felt acidic.  It seems it was served with all the condensed milk gathered at the bottom.  A little mix and it was okay.  However, I prefer the Teh-C over this. =)  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Shiok is certainly  cheap if you know what to order.  Some of the dishes are really cheap while the others are expensive.  If you're dining alone, the baked curry rice and rice sets are really affordable. You can save more if you're in group because most of their dishes are good for sharing.  I would certainly come back for their Hainanese Chicken Curry and Teh-C whenever I can!  Food service was fast and the staffs are very nice and friendly too!

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating
Ambiance ★★
=Favorites or Recommended 

Shiok Fort Bonifacio Menu 

Shiok Fort Bonifacio
Business Address
01-05 Fort Forum Bldg., Bonifacio Stop Over, 
31st and 2nd St, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 100-350
Contact (02) 659-0094