Quick and Healthy Dinner at Gourmet To Go Rustan's Supermarket

My sister and I decided to watch a movie at Rockwell Power Plant.  It was a school day so both of us were coming from school.  Due to traffic, I told my sister I'm treating her to any restaurant she wants.  Then, she texted me that she was already waiting at Gourmet To Go.  
gourmet cafe

gourmet cafe

gourmet to go
Gourmet To Go occupied part of Rustan's Supermarket.  It had a glass display of all its selections.  The set up for the dining area was simple with its tables and wooden chairs.  While dining, you could actually view the supermarket shelves just beside it.

rustans supermarket

rustans supermarket

rustans gourmet to go

rustans gourmet to go
Gourmet To Go offers a lot lot of salad selections.  If their ready made salads are does not fit to your liking, you can also make your own salad.  There also have sandwiches.  I'm not quite sure if they use wheat buns though.

rustans gourmet to go

vegetable fritatta


rustans fresh pasta

Like the salad, Gourmet To Go also offers ready made pasta selections or you can make your own.

Our Orders
mexican chicken lasagna
 Mexican Chicken Lasagna (110 php)
I ordered the Mexican Chicken Lasagna.  I'm pretty much bored with the ordinary lasagna which we could make at home.  The  Mexican Chicken Lasagna  was something new to me and I was enthusiastic to try it out.  Once we ordered and paid, we could see them slicing the pasta and placing it on the plate to be reheated by microwave oven.  Soon, it was placed on a transparent plastic container and served on the tray.   I really liked the Mexican Chicken Lasagna!  It was very tasty and cheesy.  There was a generous amount of tender chicken. 

vegetable frittata
Vegetable Frittata (115 php)
My little sister is a licensed pharmacist and a medicine student so she is a bit health conscious. I could see why she opts to dine at Gourmet To Go rather than at the usual fast food chains around the mall.  She ordered the Vegetable Frittata.   Like the Mexican Chicken Lasagna, this was something we have yet to try too.  My little sister told me her order was still fridge cold so I took it back and it was reheated again in the microwave oven.  This healthy option is similar to a quiche.  The filling was egg-based like an omelet.  It was okay.  It had broccoli, mushroom, pasta and tomatoes.  A slice is not enough to satisfy my hunger though.  It was very light.  I offered to buy my sister another meal but she said we have to go or we will late for the movie.

Update as of December 15, 2019: You can now order from Gourmet to Go via Grab Food.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Gourmet To Go offers quick delicious and healthy fast food meals.  It so quick that you can get your food in about 5 minutes.  Considering that the food are only preheated which for me lowers the food quality, the price is a bit expensive.  Although we have to consider that aside from the usual fast food chains, restaurants in the located at Rockwell Power Plant is quite expensive, I still think that their serving size should be more adequate for the price.    

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Gourmet To Go
Business Address
Rustan's Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell Drive cor. Estrella St., 
Makati City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 100-250
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