Lazy Night? There's Kitchen Knight! (Closed)

A few months ago, I won five Kitchen Knight meals from a contest of Pinoy Exchange as the sole contestant.  Kitchen Knight was relatively knew at the time and no one knew what it was.  Kitchen Knight is a night time food delivery operating only at 6:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.   It is aimed at providing better food options to BPO, call center and other graveyard shift employees.  Before Kitchen Knight came, most of the night shift employees have to make do with the meals provided by 24-hour fast food and convenient stores which are unhealthy to eat everyday.  

I was glad to earn the five Kitchen Knight meals because I knew it can rescue us whenever we were to lazy to cook.  Ordering was simple.  We called 519-5555 and stated what we wanted.  Kitchen Knight was so nice to compromise with by meeting at Vito Cruz because during that time our area was not yet included in their delivery area which was limited to Makati and Fort Areas.

The food came in styrofoam packaging with the Kitchen Knight logo.  They also provided plastic spoons and fork.  It's been a long time since we ate in styro foam perhaps because because this is not eco-friendly.  I hope they change it to an environmental friendly alternative.

spicy seafood basil
Spicy Seafood Basil (85 php)
The Spicy Seafood Basil came with a large cup of rice garnished with sliced vegetables and shrimps, seafood bits and basil in chili sauce.  Having tried Thai food many times, I was expecting the usual red chili sauce.  But, I guess this is a mild version.  

 Bibimbap (85 php)
The  Bibimbap was the complete with fried egg, zucchini, mushrooms and vegetables.  It also came with the Gochujang sauce.  This was the best among all our orders.  

chicken bulgogi
Chicken Bulgogi (85 php)
My sister is such a Korean fanatic.  We've literally eaten at almost all Korean restaurants in our area more than once because of my little sisters strong persuasiveness upon us.  I feel sad for her that the Chicken Bulgogi was not as we all expected.  We were looking forward to the sweet, fragrant and flavorful chicken bulgogi marinated in sweet soy sauce and sesame oil and then grilled.  But, the Chicken Bulgogi came in a thick sweet sauce.  I hope they get to improve this.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Kitchen Knight offers Asian cuisine at a reasonable price which is already inclusive of delivery.   In terms of price and standard, it is a pretty good alternative to limited choices of canteen food, fast food and convenient stores that you get tired of eating every single day.  The serving size is just right for a late night meal.  

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating
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Kitchen Knight 
Business Address
8893-D Sampaloc St., San Antonio Village Makati City, Makati City Makati, Philippines
Business Hours 6pm-3am
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 75-150
Contact (02) 519-3333 and 519-5555