Lugang Cafe: Now at Mall of Asia (Pasay City)

After our visit at Lugang Cafe at Connecticut Greenhills (see separate entry), we always wanted to go back to Lugang Cafe but it was a bit far from our place.  When we heard that another branch of Lugang Cafe was opening at the South Wing of SM Mall of Asia adjacent to Tokyo Cafe (see separate entry), we were so excited that we just had to dine there.

lugang cafe moa

xiao long bao making
We were asked to come back in the next 30 minutes because there was a long waiting lists.  We didn't mind since we took a short stroll at SM Mall of Asia's Christmas Village  to pass the time.  When we came back, we were asked to wait further so we watched as their chefs were making their special dim sums.

lugang cafe interior

lugang cafe interior
Soon, we were allowed to enter and where lead to our seats.  The place was as elegant and modernistic as the other Lugang Cafe Branch.  
lugang cafe menu
While deciding on what to order, we took note of their recommended dishes.  

steamed pork xiao long bao
Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao (7 pcs.) (188 php)
The Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao was served steaming hot.  I just loved the sensation when the warm soup bursts into your month overflowing with sweet meaty flavors.  

We ordered the Abalone Mushroom and Jelly Fish (220 php) for our appetizer.  However, we were only advised when we finished our meals that the item was out of stock.  They just wrote it off our tab.

chopped shrimp in lettuce cups
Chopped Shrimp in Lettuce Cups (330 php)
The Chopped Shrimp in Lettuce Cups was the best dish that we ordered.  It was uniquely delicious!  I strongly suggest you order this and try it out for yourself.  

soy sauce braised pork knuckles
Soy Sauce Braised Pork Knuckles (420 php)
The Soy Sauce Braised Pork Knuckles was good but it was nothing special.  The sauce was just right not to think nor sweet.

chicken scallion ginger oil
Chicken Topped with Scallion and Ginger Oil (470 php)
I loved Lugang Cafe's Chicken Topped with Scallion and Ginger Oil.  I've always been a fan of Hainanese Chicken.  But, I preferred this over Lugang Cafe's version of Hainanese Chicken.  This was so tasty and the chicken was tender too.  

dragon beans
Dragon Beans Stir-Fried with Garlic (220 php)
We searched for the menu for a unique vegetable dish.  When we saw the word "Dragon Beans", we were very curious and intrigued at what that was so we decided to order.  Funny because when the order came, we realized that the so called "Dragon Beans" is just our local and abundant local vegetable famously known here as "Sigarillas" or "Sigarilyis".  Nevertheless, the dish was pretty good.  The garlic taste was light and it was crunchy.  Because it was light, you can't help but want to eat more.  

Cold Tea
milk tea
Cantonese Iced Milk Tea (120 php)
The fact that Lugang Cafe has a separate menu just for its drinks and dessert means that they have a lot to offer.  But, I would always just order their Cantonese Iced Milk Tea.  The Cantonese Iced Milk Tea is one of the best milk teas I have ever encountered.  The Cantonese Iced Milk Tea is recommended for those like me who prefer their teas unsweetened and strong with a bit bitterness as aftertaste.

tapioca pearl bubble tea
Tapioca Pearl Bubble Milk Tea (130 php)
My little sister loves the Tapioca Pearl Bubble Milk Tea.  You can tell by its lighter color that it is a milder kind of milk tea.  It is more milky and sweet compared to the Cantonese Iced Milk Tea.  It is the typical type of milk tea we have been accustomed to love and enjoy.  If you enjoy chewing on Tapioca Pearls, then this is your kind of drink.

Shaved Ice
bellagio breeze
Bellagio Breeze (248 php)
The Bellagio Breeze is probably the tallest dessert we've ever encountered.  It takes 25 minutes to prepare too so always order it in advance.  It has mochi balls and pineapple on the side and beans covering the entire shaved ice tower.  
shaved ice
Demolished Bellagio Breeze
Except for the height, the Bellagio Breeze is just a simple treat.  I prefer eating it with condense milk just like our local "Halo-halo".  It's still fun to eat with the entire group though. The experience of having to eat such a large shaved ice structure is worth the try.  But, my favorite shaved ice dessert is still Chicken Rice Shop's Ais Belinda.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Lugang Cafe's price is a bit expensive considering their serving size is only for 2-3 persons.  However, you get what you pay for because each dish is prepared with authenticity and offers sensational flavors.  We'd like to note though that the service is a bit slow as the servers find a hard time coping with the demand during peak hours.  Hopefully, it will improve in the coming months.   

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