Paradis Natural Ice Cream Cafe and Gourmet at Tomas Morato (Closed)

Among the many establishments in Tomas Morato, there is a humble ice cream place that offers FREE WiFi called Paradis Natural Ice Cream.  The interiors are cozy enough to hang out and chill or have a simple meeting with friends.  
paradis ice cream cafe

paradis natural ice cream

paradis cafe
Natural Ice Cream
signature ice cream
Signature Ice Cream 
ice cream toppings

chili chocolate saffron ice cream
Chili Chocolate with Saffron (110 php)
wasabi ice cream
Wasabi (110 php)
Whether its the Chili Chocolate with Saffron or the Wasabi, their ice cream is too sweet and rich for my taste. The Chili Chocolate with Saffron was thicker in texture than the wasabi.  It was almost eating ice cream with bitter-sweet chocolate syrup.  We appreciate the slight spiciness of the chili though.  It was a great contrast to the strong chocolate flavor.  

The Wasabi was very rich in flavor that after eating a couple of spoonfuls, you would be overwhelmed by the strong wasabi taste.  It was actually difficult to finish a cup.

Soybet Ice Cream
strawberry sorbet
♥ Strawberry Soybet (95 php)

The Strawberry Soybet is delicious!  It was lightly sweetened and refreshing.  It's not as liquid as the normal sorbet and not thick like an ice cream either.  It's somewhere in between.  In terms of the taste, you probably won't guess that its made out of soy.  

Overall, their serving size is good but the price is too expensive.  It's good that they offer a FREE taste so you can decide the flavor you want to order.  However, it would be great if they offer a combination of flavors in a cup because with their rich flavors, its difficult for one to finish it.  

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Paradis Ice Cream Cafe and Gourmet Menu

Paradis Ice Cream Cafe and Gourmet
Business Address

1st Floor Unit B, Kojack Bldg., 
No. 184 Tomas Morato Ave.
Quezon City, Philippines
Business Hours
Service ChargeNone
Free WifiYes