Marriott Hotel's Marriott Cafe Lunch Buffet

Marriott Hotel Manila is one of the latest hotels established by Marriott International, a U.S. based 5-star hotel chain.   Inside Marriott Hotel is its flagship restaurant called "Marriott Cafe".  

There is a general impression by most countries that "cafe" based on its French origin pertains to an establishment focused in serving coffee.  But in the U.S., cafes and restaurants are the same.  Thus, the Marriott Cafe is actually a restaurant with a western cozy ambiance. 
marriott cafe

marriott cafe
Unlike other hotel buffets I've been to, Marriott Cafe knows how to tease the appetite.  It has all its colorful and luscious desserts placed by the entrance to invite passerby's to come in and taste those delicious treats.  Apart from the Dessert Section, they have the Pastry Section, Cold Cuts and Salad Section, Seafood Section, Western Section, Japanese Section, Chinese Section, Middle Eastern Section, Filipino Section and more!  Almost of of their sections are live stations where chefs are on standby ready to cook your food upon request.

Cold Cuts and Salad Section
smoke salmon
It is quite rare to find Smoke Salmon being offered as Cold Cuts here in the Philippines so I was so happy to find some there.  They also had the widest range of salads I have ever seen!  I tried around 4 types of salads.  
marriott cafe
Aside from the prepared salads, they also offered fresh salad ingredients with the finest dressings like Red Wine, Balsamic Vinegar, White Wine Vinegar and Olive Oil.  I have to admit, their Cold Cuts and Salad Section has to be one of the best in the country.

Seafood Section
buttered prawns

Japanese Section
marriott cafe sushi
Their Japanese Section offered Sashimi, Sushi and Maki.  Their Salmon Sashimi is fresh and naturally sweet.
japanese tempura
A must in the Japanese Section is the Tempura Shrimp and Tempura Fish.  As expected it was always sold out.

Pastry Section
cheese buffet
Although I love cheese, I could tell by the lack of cheese varieties that they did not focus much on their pastry section so I proceeded with the rest of the dishes.  

Western Section
us rib eye steak
U.S. rib eye steak 
Marriott International, being an American hotel chain, takes pride in their Western Section.  They should!  Their U.S. rib eye steak is a winner! The U.S. rib eye steak was so succulent, I'd eat more if only I wasn't stuffed already.  They offered to options for the sauce: Pepper Corn Gravy and Mushroom Gravy.    There were also three types of potato side dishes available.  
side dishes

Chinese Section
roast duckchinese cold cuts
For their Chinese Section, they offered Cold Cuts, Dimsum and Hot Pot (Shabu-Shabu).  For Cold Cuts, they had Asado, White Chicken, Soy Chicken, Pork Cold Cut and Roast Duck.  I loved the Roast Duck!
Upon seeing Dimsum, I immediately requested for my favorite Shrimp Dumpling ("hakaw").  
Middle Eastern Section
middle eastern buffetskewers buffet
For their Middle Eastern Section, they offered Shawarma, Samosa, Skewers and Kebabs.  

Chef's Specialties
singaporean lobster
Singaporean Lobster
mongolian fried rice
Mongolian Fried Rice

Dessert Section
dessert buffet
Among the cake selections, I recommend the Opera Cake and the Tiramisu.  The Marble Cheesecake and the one in the tall glass is also pretty good.  
mfruits buffetfruit dips
They also have Fresh Fruits for those who prefer it the healthy way.  They have several sauces to accompany your healthy selections.
chocolate fonduemarriott cafe gelato
I tried their Chocolate Fondue by dipping some slices of kiwi fruit.  It was okay.  I was more intrigued with their Gelato selections.  In addtion to their unique flavors, they also have three special flavors for the day.  I tried the Cheese and Langka and the Lemon Sorbet.  Both were delicious!  Their Gelato is perfectly light and not too sweet.  

Update (July 9,2012): Check my second visit at Marriott's Cafe Flavors of Asia 

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Marriott Cafe
Business Address
Ground Floor Marriott Hotel, #10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City
Pasay City
Business Hours
Breakfast: 6:30 to 11:00 a.m.
Lunch: 12:00 n.n. to 2:30 p.m.
Dinner: 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Service ChargeNone
Budget/Person1,750 (Lunch Buffet Rate)
(02) 988-9999