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Tsinoy Foodies Star Rating Complete Guide

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating
=Favorites or Recommended 

Four Categories Legend:
  • Ambiance - holistic atmosphere of the dining environment
  • Taste - the taste of all the meals we've tried rated on an overall impact basis
  • Service - covers all food preparation and serving aspect
  • Price - the price of the food in relation to taste, service and ambiance

Star Legend:
★ - awful
★ - bad
★ - good
★ - great and recommendable
★ - perfect (best of the best or cream of the crop)

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★ - perfect

★ - perfect 

★ - perfect

★ - perfect 

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Our search categories are mainly categorized by:
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  • Cuisine
  • Location
You can search where to each in 4 ways:
  • Using the drop-down tabs on the top-most part of our food blog
  • Using the search bar on the top-right most part of our food blog
  • Using CTRL+F function then typing the world or label you're searching for on our main food blog page
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