Primaduck Premium Pekin Duck Meat: Affordable and Easy-to-Cook Duck Meat Products

A few weeks ago, Tsinoy Foodies was asked if we wanted to try out locally produced duck products.  We said yes for two primary reasons: 1.) We love supporting the local food industry and 2.) We are really interested in exploring more on duck meat.  


Primaduck Breakfast Platter
Primaduck Breakfast Platter: Pekin Duck Smoked Longganisa, Pekin Duck Tocino, Pekin Duck Skinless Longganisa and Pekin Duck Tapa

Last week, we received a variety of Primaduck’s frozen Pekin duck meat products.  Upon researching more about the products, we discovered that Primaduck is actually a subsidiary of EDL Agritourism Farm Inc.  What an intriguing coincidence because 8 years ago (way back in 2014), we had a fun experience during our visit in EDL Excellence Gamefarm and Estancia de Lorenzo in San Mateo, Rizal.  During that time, its farms and events places were still being conceptualized and developed.  We have already observed and noted then how EDL really cares about proper training, process and investment in technology in breeding its farm animals.

Now, back to Primaduck and its Pekin duck meat.  Duck meat as a poultry dish is not as popular as chicken.  While there are many types of duck, the Pekin (Asian) or Long Island (Western) duck is the most popular for consumption, because of its quality meat, flavor, tenderness and weight (up to 5 kg).   

Trivia: By the way, just found out that the dish is called Peking Duck but the variant of the duck is called Pekin Duck.  


Because ducks are waterfowls (as distinguished from chickens which is a land fowl), it has heavier fat deposit in its skin as protection from the cold then leaner and more protein-filled meat (23% fat content against 40% fat of a store-bought chicken).  Moreover, ducks can fly so it has more blood distribution resulting in darker meat.  The older the duck, the darker the meat.  But to be clear, duck meat is still classified as white meat just as other poultry since it does not contain as much Myoglobin protein as other four-legged mammals.


Primaduck Pekin Duck Tocino (250g) P72.00
Primaduck Pekin Duck Tocino (250g) P72.00

Duck meat usually costs more than Chicken because of raising requirements: 1.) requiring 25% more space than chickens and 2.) taking a week longer and more feeds than chickens to grow to a marketable size.  So it’s really amazing that we have locally-sourced Peking ducks sold by Primaduck at very affordable price marks:
1. Pekin Duck Ball Ham (1kg) P215.00
2. Pekin Duck Square Ham (1kg) P215.00
3. Pekin Duck Honey Cured Bacon (250g) P80.00
4. Pekin Duck Tocino (250g) P72.00
5. Pekin Duck Tapa (250g) P70.00
6. Pekin Duck Skinless Longganisa (220g) P58.00 / (1kg) P200.00
7. Pekin Duck Smoked Longganisa (250g) P95.00
8. Pekin Duck White Sausage (500g) P155.00


Duck consumption is growing.  China remains the largest consumer at 76% (5.5M tonnes last 2018), followed by France and Myanmar.  When it comes to duck dishes, the Philippines is already world-renowned for “Balut” which is classified as an exotic dish by foreigners.  Yet, it's quite interesting that Primaduck has innovated ways to make frozen and marinated Pekin duck meat into easy-to-cook Filipino favorites.  Allow us to share our experience with them.

Pekin Duck Honey Cured Bacon (250g) P80.00


Among all the variants, we loved the Pekin Duck Honey Cured Bacon the most!  We just cooked this through an air-fryer and our Pekin Duck Honey Cured Bacon turned out to be deliciously lean and crispy.


BLT sandwich duck bacon
BLT Sandwich with Primaduck Pekin Duck Honey Cured Bacon


BLT Sandwich with duck bacon, lettuce and tomatoes anyone?  With all honestly, we'd opt for this healthier sandwich and skip the pork bacon any time.



Primaduck Sandwich Platter
Primaduck Sandwich Platter: Pekin Duck White Sausage Sandwich, BLT Sandwich w/ Pekin Duck Honey Cured Bacon & Pekin Duck Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Check out our sandwich platter with Pekin Duck White Sausage Sandwich, BLT Sandwich with Pekin Duck Honey Cured Bacon & Pekin Duck Ham & Cheese Sandwich.  Aside from the BLT Sandwich, we also enjoyed the Pekin Duck White Sausage.  The Duck Ham was the sweetened kind which was a bit too sweet for our preference.

Primaduck Silog Platter: Pekin Duck Smoked Longganisa, Pekin Duck Tocino, Pekin Duck Skinless Longganisa and Pekin Duck Tapa

Filipinos love having Silog Meals for Breakfast.  Silog is a Portmanteau word combining sinangag (Filipino fried garlic rice dish) and itlog (Filipino word for "egg").   So we thought of making one using Primaduck's Pekin duck meat products.  


Primaduck Pekin Duck Skinless Longganisa
Primaduck Pekin Duck Smoked Longganisa

The best of this platter is the Pekin Duck Smoked Longganisa and Pekin Duck Tocino.  The taste and texture is not far off from the usual pork counterpart.  

With the Pekin Duck Skinless Longganisa, we're actually not sure if we cooked it right.  The packaging just says "fry in a single layer pan until cooked".  Unfortunately, since we are new to this type of meat, we had no idea or even an approximately on the temperature or time for cooking it.  We're also not sure how the inner meat when cooked would look like so we're guessing that we failed in cooking this so it tasted kinda funny.  


Primaduck Pekin Duck Tapa
Primaduck Pekin Duck Tapa

The Pekin Duck Tapa was dominantly salty with a counterbalancing pepperish taste.  Since we had a better first try of the Duck Tapa during our visit at Estancia de Lorenzo, we just couldn't help but yearn for that.  


Overall, we're so glad to try Primaduck Premium Pekin Duck Meat.  It is an amazing, proudly pinoy product, that shows innovativeness and progression.  Primaduck delivers within Metro Manila so hope you can all check them out.

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