Casa Buenas: Fancy Birthday Celebration and Our Opinion on Malaysia's RM460 Burger Drama (Resorts World Manila)

With the COVID pandemic still on-going, it makes us think more about what we treasure most in our lives.  Definitely, one that tops our list is togetherness with the family.  Buenas means luck and blessings in Filipino language and that is exactly what we felt having during our family dinner at Casa Buenas.   Casa Buenas is located in the new "Newport Grand Wing" which was unfamiliar for most of us.  Even if you park at the nearest parking area which was the Newport Grand Wing, you have to take elevator and escalator  to reach this very spacious wing.  

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia's RM460 Burger Viral Drama

Just recently, we were discussing with foreign friends on how to spend money better.  The topic was incidentally brought about by the recent Kuala Lumpur birthday dinner drama over the RM460 burger that became viral over the net.  Based on such discussion, we discovered that some would actually spend more for travel, online games, KTV and bars rather than having a fancy dinner with some close friends and family.  Well, though we admit that we do spend for some of those but we give utmost importance to celebrating birthday family dinners more.

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It's kind of interesting to learn about other cultures and customs.  All these years, the question "Who pays for the birthday dinner celebration?" never crossed my mind.  For me, it was always a given whether its with family, friends or even just office mates, whoever invites pay for everything.  This applies to all occasions... birthdays, graduations, winning something or even when someone just feels generous.  So yeah, you can all take this as a disclaimer too... We openly admit that not everything we post here is paid by us okay?  It depends on who "invites".

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Well, apparently in the RM460 Burger scenario, the payment arrangement for the birthday dinner was to equally split the tab.  We also do the split tab payment arrangement when we casually meet up with close friends for dinners.  But, we've never encountered that kind of scheme when invited for a birthday dinner.  


One of my friends whose married to an Australian that her husband was surprised when the birthday celebrant had to pay for the dinner.  Friends take you out, they pay for their own meal (in Filipino slang its "KKB" - kanya kanyang bayad) but they pool money in to treat the birthday celebrant.

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Well, perhaps its because my friends and family are very busy people (with so much going on with business, work or family) that we treasure time more than anything.  In fact, we're hardly ever complete.  Some would be on a leisure or business trip, have business commitments or other affairs.  Thus, its customary for the birthday celebrant to appreciate simply just the presence of someone being able to accommodate the invitation.  After the meal, we even thank each of our guests for coming before bidding our good byes.

Now that that's all settled, let's continue on with the food. 


This was actually the last family dinner we celebrated dining in a restaurant before the lock downs (In the Philippines, we term them "ECQ, MCQ, GCQ") so we were fortunate enough to order from its full menu.  As of the time of writing, it is only offering limited menu because of the pandemic.

complimentary bread
Complimentary Bread

While we were waiting for our orders, we were given some Complimentary Bread with a variety of flavored butters.  



salmon yuzu dashi
Salmon Yazu Dashi

From the Salmon Yazu Dashi, we were already hinted that the dishes served in Casa Buenas is international fusion.  The Salmon Yazu Dashi seemed like a Japanese soup dish with its own twist.

In addition to the warming comfort it brings before the heavy meal ahead, it is quite light and refreshing. 


buenas burger
Buenas Burger (580 php)

To be honest, we were expecting the  Buenas Burger to be more extravagant.  Yet, it came out rather plain which made its special thick and juicy pork and beef belly patty stand out.  It was actually quite good and filling.  Yes, the price is justified in for this burger!


grilled angus beef lychee sauce
Grilled US Angus Beef Tenderloin with Lychee Sauce (2,900 php)

If there's one dish that stood out among our orders, it would be the Grilled US Angus Beef Tenderloin with Lychee Sauce.  Usually, you'd feel overwhelmed from the savoriness of eating too much meat.  But for this dish, the intricate sweet, fragrant and refreshing lychee sauce counters the savoriness and oiliness from the tender roast beef making it quite pleasurable to eat. 

Off the Grill

grilled squid
Grilled Squid (900 php)

The menu offered a lot of grilled dishes but most of them are quite similar.  Guess, there isn't much twist to grilled dishes other than being precisely grilled to tenderness, appropriately seasoned and dipped in a variety of sauces.  The Grilled Squid was good but it just didn't show much creativity or personality that we'd expect from a famous Chef.   



paella seafood
Paella Seafood (1,000 php/good for 2-3 persons)

Paella is always the most expected order when dining at a Spanish restaurant.  When you order Paella at Casa Buenas, you will be asked if you would prefer the traditional with burnt bottom or not.  We chose the traditional.  Our side of the table ordered the Paella Seafood good for 2-3 person but the other side of the table ordered the Paella Negra good for 4-6 persons.  When our orders came, we realized that the it could cater to around twice as much people as stated.  We ended up having to take home most of this dish since it had bountiful amount of toppings.   Comparing the two, we liked the Paella Negra more.



truffle pizza
Truffle Pizza (490php)

We loved the Truffle Pizza which involves breaking the poach egg on top before the slicing and all.  The truffle essence for flavor and the chewiness of the dough for texture was just right.



Cappuccino (190 php)

The coffee cup set is so pretty.  But, the Cappuccino is just okay.

complimentary chocolate
Complimentary Chocolates

All of us appreciated the Complimentary Chocolates as an extended gesture.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
The grand Hispanic Filipino interior of Casa Buenas defines it as one of the best places in Metro Manila to impress guests with its luxurious dining atmosphere.  The food and service service is hotel standard.  But, not all the dishes would standard out to be impressively memorable. 

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Casa Buenas
Business Address Ground Floor, Newport Grand Wing, Portwood Street, Newport City, Pasay City
Business Hours 11am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 500-1,000
Free WiFi Yes
Contact (02) 7-908-8988
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