Platina Modern Japanese Food Village: Home of 16 Authentic Food Stores from Japan (Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City)

Japanese food is one of the most-loved cuisine in the Philippines.   While I would love to eat authentic Japanese food everyday, the high cost of Japanese food prevents me in doing so.  So when I heard about Platina Modern Japanese Food Village with 16 authentic food franchises from Japan.  The price range is from 150 php to 500 php.

platina moden japanese food village
The ambiance differs per area.  Platina labelled this bar area on the first level as the Roppongi Street.

platina moden japanese food village


Sushi Sakura
salmon aburri
Salmon Aburri Maki with Aligue Mayo (315 php)
Probably the first one to impress me was this Salmon Aburri Maki with Aligue Mayo.  I just love how flavorful it is and the salmon almost melts unto your mouth.

Kushikatsu Ebisuya
pork kushi
Pork (30 php/stick)
This Pork Kushi looks a bit drenched in oil. Let it sit for awhile so some oil is drained.  I like the tenderness though.

Kobe Beef Burger

wagyu burger
Wagyu Burger (320 php)
The Wagyu Burger is also a must try!  Aside from the juicy wagyu pattie, you can also enjoy your burger with unique sauces like teriyaki sauce.

fried potato
Fried Potato
The Fried Potato is nothing special but still the best pair for burgers right?

Pig Man
pork bowl
Pork Bowl Small (210 php)
If you're looking for for authentic yet affordable pork donburi, then try out the Pork Bowl at Pig Man.

Tappan Yaki Kushi No Nobo
Meat DX (360 php)
Surely, one of the best Osaka-style Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) I've had in Manila is Tappan Yaki Kushi No Nobo's Meat DX - with beef, pork and chicken meats. As expected from a brand that has multiple stores in Okinawa.

Pizzeria di Baldi
Margherita (290 php)

I'm a big fan of Neopoli Pizza or Brick Oven Pizza.  These are pizzas which are baked at a high temperature for a short time so the flavor is sealed in.  We don't have enough of these in the Metro.  Thus, I really welcome Pizzeria di Baldi authentic and quality Neopoli Pizza.

There are a lot more to try.  Some were not yet open or available during my visit.  But, I found the concept of Platina Modern Japanese Food Village quite interesting.  It really fits the food and drink scene of Poblacion.

Platina Modern Japanese Food Village Map  
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