Batad View Inn and Restaurant: Terrace View Dining Experience (Batad, Banaue, Ifugao)

Being a foodie is a cultural appreciation.  But, my cultural appreciation is not limited to food.  I'd like to believe my family is the same which is why I am very grateful that we all got to Batad in the Ifugao Region.  We stayed at Batad View Inn and Restaurant which we found on the interested where we had numerous meals which I can now share with you. 

Batad View Inn and Restaurant
The reviews we read about this place were mostly made by foreigners.  During our entire stay, we were also in the company of foreigners.  Isn't it ironic that they got to visit this place before most Filipinos?  

Batad View Inn and Restaurant
The view and Ifugao vibe is priceless. 

Batad View Inn and Restaurant
I enjoyed dining here when I was restless from trekking and even so after a comfortable rest.  To breathe and feel the fresh cool air has become a rarity for me. 

Batad View Inn and Restaurant
Although there has been some influene of mcivilization , I still find that they have their own identity.



Batad Specialty
longsilog with coffee or tea
Longsilog with Coffee or Tea (165 php)
I was expecting food to be a bit ethnic like the Pinikpikan and such that we encountered in Baguio.  But, the food is pretty much the same as here in Manila.  The server highly recommended the Batad Specialty Longsilog as something we should try.  She told us that it is different from Ilocos and Baguio but as far as I can tell it was not significantly distinguihsable.  Here in the Philippines, it seems every household has their own blend of longganisa right?

Chicken and Pork (With Rice)
the best porkchop
Fried Pork Chop (175 php or 3.25 USD)
If there's one thing we went crazy over its the Fried Pork Chop!  This is so good that we ordered this as much as we can - breakfast, lunch and dinner for days!

the best porkchop
♥ Fried Pork Chop (175 php or 3.25 USD)
Sometimes, we even order extra  Fried Pork Chop ala carte!  But, there was one time where it was cooked by someone else.  We got so disappointed because the taste and texture was different.  I hope they can keep this consistent cause it is the best home made pork chop we've tried!

fried chicken
Fried Chiken (175 php or 3.25 USD)
Compared to the Fried Pork Chop, the Fried Chicken seemed like a failed mimicry. 

Curry (175 php or 3.25 USD)
Nothing particularly noteworthy with the Curry.

batad view inn and restaurant
Spicy  (175 php or 3.25 USD), Tinola  (175 php or 3.25 USD), Pork Chopsuey  (175 php or 3.25 USD),
and Ham & Chesse Omellete (100 php)
As you can see, the dishes looks like a typical FIlipino home-made meal. The Spicy is just a spicy version of curry. 

batad view inn and restaurant
Rice here is very sacred so they can't stand even a grain being wasted.  Aside from being brought down sack by sack placed on their backs, we were also shown and taught how this was meticulously processed.

Ginger Tea (50 php)
The coffee and tea here is instant.  But, with the atmosphere, you'd still want to have some as  often as you can.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
It takes more than 10 hours and hundreds of trekking steps to reach Batad View Inn and Restaurant  from Manila.  Yet, for its breath-taking rice terrace view, fresh dewy cool air and addictive home-made pork chop, I would definitely want to go back here.  I found the expensive pricing of the dishes to be well-substantie by the labor it requires for them to to carry the ingredients through  a long trek.   Let's support our ethnic "katutubo" (tribes) guys.  Please visit this place! 

Tip: To find this place, contact them prior so they will meet you in Banaue and trek with you.  (Cellphone signal is not so good so expect delays in communication)

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Batad View Inn and Restaurant
Business Address Batad, Banaue, Ifugao, 3601 Banaue, Philippines
Business Hours 6am-10pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 150-300
Free WiFi No
Contact (0916) 984-8380

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