Delivery Guy: Food Delivery Done Right?

Do you have a struggle that you have a difficult time to shake?  I have.  I've always been so sickly.  Being stuck at home is a frequent thing for me.  On most days, I go out when I'm lazy and I prepare healthier meals when at home.  But when I'm sick, its hopeless for me to do anything so I resort to food delivery services like Delivery Guy.

delivery guy

Delivery Guy is available on the website and through mobile applications.  There were a lot of options and I chose Chinese food with Mongkok Dimsum and Noodles.  

The interface is smooth and its fool-proof.  

You can see the breakdown of the food you ordered together with the delivery charge.    

If you want to avoid charges, keep in mind that they have three types of extra charges:
1. Below Minimum Charge - the minimum order cost should be at least 500 php or there is a delivery charge 
2. Off Zone Charge - Delivery Guy is headquartered in Makati so having it delivered in Manila incurred 100 php charge.
3. Online Payment Charge

Once you're done with ordering, just wait for the confirmatory email.

As you can see, my total bill is 660 php.  My ordered food items is worth 500 php.  The delivery charge from Makati to Manila is 160 php (basic of 60 php and Off Zone Charge of 100 php).

As a person who is used to food deliveries, I have also tried Grab Food, Grab Delivery and Lalamove from the same area and so I can compare the charges.  Grab Food (120 php but you are confined to Grab Food partners), Grab Delivery (140 php but no insulation bag) and Lalamove (135 with free insulation bag but plus 100 php for pabili service).

While waiting for your order, you can view where the rider is.  The same feature is available for Grab and Lalamove.  But with Delivery Guy, you can also see the status of your food being prepared (and not just logistics)
delivery guy
After an hour and 20 minutes the driver arrives in yellow polo and perky bow tie. 

mongkok dimsum
The food is well-packaged and still warm.

As you can see, its the same as if I've ordered for dine in.

spinach dumpling
Spinach Dumpling anyone?

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Traffic is worsening.  Demand for food delivery is on the rise.  Although I feel that Metro Manila is never short of delivery service, Delivery Guy is a great option for food delivery especially for those near Makati.  For sure offices will benefit a lot from it.  Charges are hardly negligible if it is shared within a group.  So costing is not a problem, it just has to offer more options.

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