Kina Imus Lomi House: My Scuba Dive Master's Sisig Lomi Treat (San Luis Batangas)

Batangas, Philippines

It is experiences like this that make me believe in true friendships and truly generous acts and deeds.  Before heading back to Manila after my first ever scuba diving class at Bus Stop Dive Resort, my scuba dive master Dale Robin Mendoza brought us to Kina Imus Lomi House for dinner.    

kina imus lomi house
Despite having an inflammation in his wrist, Master Dale was so hospitable in fetching us from Manila to Batangas (vice versa), providing us food and accommodation, guiding me on my first scuba diving exploration and treating us here.  Because he has a big heart, I am confident that I can trust him and his crew with my life under water.  If you need a dive instructor in Batangas (this is his number 09338594803.

About My First Scuba Diving Experience at Bus Stop Dive Resort

  • Scuba Diving Experience: At first, I struggled with breathing in a relax way.  Then, I remembered how I breath in yoga just focusing on one inhale and exhale at a time.  The next thing I know, I felt so relaxed as I saw the beautiful sea creatures moving at the same rhythm as my breathe.  That helped me developed a secret to enjoy the irregularity of my breath whenever I do cardio - I imagine that moment under the sea.
  • Scuba Diving Community: Where ever you come from, what your profession is, everyone treats each other with respect and camaraderie.  I met a group of young French students who are taking a break before continuing college and I also met fellow lawyers who enjoy free diving for the adrenaline rush.  Dive Instructors Master Dale and Estan are very friendly and inspiring.  

kina imus lomi batangas
Going back to Kina Imus, the place looks like a house made to function as a lomi house.  

kina imus san luis batangas
They adopt a pay as you order system where many would line up.  

There are only few dining tables inside so if you're not lucky then the cool outdoors is fine too.  I initially thought the food is self-service but the signage is just for the water.

sisig lomi
Combo Lomi (65 php)
The Combo Lomi is a bowlful of lomi topped with chicharon (pork rind), egg, pork liver, kk chips, fried siomai, lumpia and sisig.

batangas lomi
Extreme Lomi (75 php)
The Extreme Lomi is similar to the Combo Lomi except that the kk chips is substituted with prawn crackers.  

You'll need an extra plate to eat your lomi since the toppings are overflowing.  I wonder if its because of my gratefulness for my master's generosity, the great company, my hunger or the true taste of the lomi but it felt really good that night.  I feel warmth in my heart and belly. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
I will definitely go back to Kina Imus Lomi House whenever I am in the area.  Next time, I'll skip the crackers and opt for the Sisig Lomi instead.

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Kina Imus Lomi House
Business Address Bagong Daan, San Luis, Batangas 
Business Hours 10am-8pm
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Service Charge
Budget/Person 50-100
Free WiFi No
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