Asian Taste Seafood Restaurant: Superb Chinese Food (Seascape Village CCP Complex Pasay)

You'd think Chinese dinners after Chinese dinners, I be tired of it by now.  Yet, could you believe becuase of diners like Asian Taste Seafood Restaurant and family bonding, I would say it is a unique memory I'd treasure.  

asian taste seafood restaurant
Asian Taste Seafood Restaurant is one of the many restaurants located at the newly opened Seascape Village in CCP Complex beside Sofitel Manila.  

asian taste seafood restaurant
Set up and interiors screams "typical Chinese Lauriat Restaurant".

asian taste seafood restaurant
But is it?

asian taste seafood restaurant
To be honest, on most days, I'm on a happy-go-lucky jolly foodie mode.  But, my family would know that I have this zoned out moments.  On this dinner, I was pretty much in that mood especially since the service was terrible and the food way to long before they even served the food.  

Then, food began to be served and I had a sip of their nido soup and everything that follows.  
asian taste seafood restaurant
Everything was so good that we had wiped out the noodle dish for the very first time.  

steamed suahe
 Steamed Suahe
The shrimp was so sweet.  I could tell it was boiled alive.  

Seascape Village must definitely be a place for seafood because the crab is also so good.   

While I prefer my fish to be steamed, this fried fish is so well-cooked that the tenderness was not wasted at all.  

asian taste
We may have over ordered noodles.  But, the generous amount of bamboo shells was well-appreciated.  

asian taste
I don't know who ordered this but with guilt comes goodness right?

mango sago
♥ Mango Sago
As long as Chinese Restaurants ends by serving chilled Mango Sago, you can almost be assured that it ends with a smile especially, when it's more bowls than persons per table.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Asian Taste Seafood Restaurant offered superb Chinese food for an affordable price..  The only drawback is the slow service.  Being a newly opened restaurant, we have high hopes that they could still work on it.

Asian Taste Seafood Restaurant Menu
Ambiance ★★ N/A
Taste ★★★
Price ★★★
=Favorites or Recommended 
Asian Taste Seafood Restaurant
Business Address Seascape Village, Pasay, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 500-1,500
Free WiFi No
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