Elements Hall at Rallos: More than 12 Food Joints in One Place (Diliman Quezon City, Metro Manila)

Last month, I was invited to partake on the Grand Opening Celebration of Elements Hall at Rallos.  I was expecting it to be just another food park but happy to find it was not!

elements hall at rallos
Although I visit food parks,  don't visit them during the day because of the heat and humidity of our summers. So I was happy to see that Elements Hall at Rallos is a building full of food joints. 

elements hall at rallos
Think of it as an air-conditioned mall but purely for food!  The second floor has standalone restaurants like the Red Pineapple and Twa Pak To and a food court called Picnic Grounds.

Red Pineapple

The Red Pineapple serves dimsum treats at affordable price.  I highly recommend their Taipao.

Twa Pak To

Another Chinese food choice is Twa Pak To.  I will surely try it if I have a chance to pass by Elements again.

Picnic Grounds


Fun fact!  Coincidentally, I have encountered Clucky's 6 years before.  That was a long time ago when my sister used to have study medicine and work at Medical City as part of her curriculum.  Now, my sister is already a doctor.  We loved Clucky's so I'm so glad that Clucky's has made a comeback after all these years.

kimchi rice
Kimchi Rice
Pair their chicken and Kimchi Rice and you'll surely enjoy it!

Gelato Lab
gelato lab
Yearning for gelato as a refreshing treat or post-meal dessert?  Gelato Lab is your next stop.

gelato lab
They have take out pints.

gelato lab
Or, in scoops.  

18 Days Coffee Roaster
18 day coffee roasters
Looking for quality coffee?  18 Day Coffee Roasters will exceed your expectations with their wide-range of locally-sourced coffee beans.

Bibi-Waf has a creative take on its savory and dessert waffles.


Ground Floor

Nina's Sweet Delicacies
Coming all the way from Bulacan is Nina's Sweet Delicacies.  It is a sister-company of Eurobake.  According to the staffs, Nina's is actually the name of their daughter.

ninas sweet delicacies
They offer free taste of their famous Inipit.

 Actually, the Inipit is a new discovery for me.  This is what Bulacan is famed for.  It's a light chiffon sandwich with a sweet and creamy custard in between.

malolos ensaymada
Eurobake is also famous for their Malolos Ensaymada.  I have now marked this as a perfect potluck contribution.

There are more shops in store so check Elements Hall at Rallos soon.

Elements Hall 
No. 27 Scout Rallos, near corner Scout Tobias,
Quezon City, Metro Manila

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