E! Bloggers Ball 2017: The Brightest Blogger Event of the Year at City of Dreams Ballroom

Sent to my home is a beautiful glowing invitation sent by E! Entertainment for E! Blogger's Ball 2017.  Just like every social media influencer who received that spectacular form of acknowledgment in the industry, I got all tingly with glee.  How fortunate was I that they E! now included Food and Travel social media influencers in addition to Fashion.

e bloggers ball 2017
As I was looking forward to a night of music and dance, I was literally struck by a Saturday night fever (my body temperature was 38 celsious hot).  Yet, how can I miss the most glorious event of the year?  With my simple dress, I made my way to the ball.  The gates were well guarded as the gala was strictly invite only.  A long black carpet led the way to the cocktail hall.  As early as 8 pm, it was filled with ladies dressed in sparkling gowns and men in their finest suits.  Such glamour was rewarded by the host E! by providing the finest way to capture their glam and beauty for the night with a 360 degrees video booth.  The cocktail bar was open with overflowing drinks from healthy beverages such as Zesto fruit juices and soya milk to alcoholic beverages such as San Miguel Beer.

hyatt city of dreams
After an hour, the doors to the City of Dreams Grand Ballroom was ready to accommodate its guests.  Contrasting the dominant black theme, vivid and colorful neon lights flashed exuding liveliness to the spacious room.  At the front center of the room is a well-lit stage with a huge LCD screen.  Well equipped with side LCD screens, the stage scenes can be seen from the farthest part of the room.

hyatt city of dreams
We were ushered to the long tables with complete dining wares.  And, hospitality fit for royalty was extended to us as servers gently pulled the chairs for us to sit and table napkins were gracefully placed on our laps.

e bloggers ball 2017
Laid on the table was the menu for the night along with a bread basket to curb the churning bellies. 

salmon sashimi
Tazmanian Salmon Sashimi
Most bread baskets though were left untouched as the appetizer was served shortly.  While enjoying the delicate plate of Tazmanian Salmon Sashimi, we were serenaded by an amazing live acoustic music.  

pumpkin soup
Roasted Butternut Pumpkin and Vanilla Soup with Crispy Pancetta
After the light and refreshing appetizer, the sophisticated Roasted Butternut Pumpkin and Vanilla Soup with Crispy Pancetta was served to warm us up and prepare us for the main course.

slow braised angus beef cheek
Slow Braised Angus Beef Cheek
The highlight of the program is the awarding for the following:

  • Look Who’s Trending Male - Wil Dasovich
  • Look Who’s Trending Female - Jennica Sanchez
  • Breakthrough Blogger of the Year Male - Dee Gee Razon
  • Breakthrough Blogger of the Year Female - Nina Nuguid
  • Blogger Groupie - The Soshal Network (Vivian Tan, Faye Condez  and Camille Buhain)
  • Blogger Icon of the Year for Travel - The Poor Traveler (Yosh Dimen  and Vins Carlos);
  • Blogger Icon of the Year for Food - The Fat Kid Inside (Erwan Heussaff)
  • Blogger Icon of the Year for Fashion - Janina Vela. The
  • Best Dressed Award of the Night - Kim Cruz (Female) and Daniel Marsh (Male)
A big congratulations to them!!!  They were really like stars shining to give inspiration to all other social media influencers like us. 

Of course, sharing the limelight is the main course.  The Slow Braised Angus Beef Cheek is so tender and soft that it was like a pillow massaging the mouth.  

chocolate dome
24k Dark Chocolate Dome
Although a bit late, the 24k Dark Chocolate Dome was such a rich meal ender that it was impossible for us not to feel fulfilled with our 4-course meal.

The night continued with overflowing San Miguel Beer and music.  It was a long night of party for all. E! Bloggers Ball 2017 is definitely the biggest and brightest blogger event of the year.  It's successful event has left a sparkling mark for all of us to remember.  

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