Mangan: Let's Eat Kapampangan

Dining options have grown over the years.  But, there just seems something about Filipino food that makes me crave for it once in awhile.  It's kind of like when you wander far to the most amazing places but then, you know your heart still wants to go back home.  So this time, I ended up trying Mangan which specializes in Kapampanan food.

I've always believed that Kapampangan food is one of the tastiest of our local cuisine.

Having had several food trips in Pampanga, I would say this is up a notch over the restaurants there when it comes to interiors.  This makes it more appealing to expats and balikbayans.


Aliw-Aliwang Sisig
Sisig ni Mely (260 php)
When it comes to Kapampangan dishes, how can we forget sisig?  The Sisig ni Mely came out as a surprise for us because of its unusual style of serving - wrapped in banana leaves.

Sisig ni Mely (260 php)
It gives you the pleasure of unwrapping your irresistible order of Sisig ni Mely.

Manyamang Gule
Laing with Dulong (190 php)
To lessen your guilt, why not balance with an order of Laing with Dulong?

Crispy Pata
Original Crispy Pata (100 php/100g)
That is.. before we proceed to the highlights of our meal.  Some prefer the Original Crispy Pata.

Pritson Pata (150 php/100g)
Perhaps because of my Chinese root and being used to eating peking duck that I had fun with the Pritson Pata.

Patang Demonyo (125 php/100g)
But, hey I dare all the spicy food lovers out there to try the Patang Demonyo.

Mapaling Sebo
Bulalong Baka with Mais (425 php)
One bang for the buck to order for sharing is their Bulalong Baka with Mais.

Mga Karne
Kare-Kare Buntot ng Baka (395 php)
One of the best to order is the Kare-Kare Buntot ng Baka

Pansit Pusit (190 php)
For staple, you can skip the rice dishes for the Pansit Pusit or...

Pancit Puti (140 php)
the very interesting Pancit Puti.  How can be amazingly savory and delicious without any sauce???

Ispesyal Ning Bale
Bibingka Plain (120 php)
Save room for Bibingka

Puto Bumbong (110 php)
or Puto Bumbong.

Puto Bumbong (110 php)
and Puto Bumbong.

Tibok-tibok with Latik (120 php)
But, when it comes to Kapampangan dessert, you shouldn't miss the Tibok-tibok with Latik.


Branches 1. Glorietta
2. Galleria
3. SM North Edsa
4. Mall of Asia
5. Robinsons Ermita
Business Hours 9am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 350-800
Free WiFi No
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