BKK Express: Quick, Convenient and Affordable Thai Cuisine at Uptown Mall

I've tried so many Thai food establishments from food markets and hole-in-the-walls to upscale hotel restaurants but I think BKK Express is my first time food court style experience.

bkk express
BKK Express is the one of the many food options at Uptown Mall Food Hall.  It is a sister company of Soi Thai Restaurant.

thai spring rolls
Thai Spring Rolls (120 php)
For starters, order for sharing some Thai Spring RollsThe price is very reasonableAnd, you'll surely enjoy munching on these crunchy finger food.

pork belly in 5 spices with hard boiled egg
Pork Belly in 5-Spice with Hard Boiled Egg (260 php)
The Pork Belly in 5-Spice with Hard Boiled Egg taste like Beef Brisket but sweeter.  You can to eat it with the vinegar-based sauce to contrast the sweetness.

Rice Toppings (served with home-brewed Pandan Iced Tea)
bagoong rice
Bagoong Rice Toppings (190 php)
The Bagoong Rice Toppings is a colorful bowlful.  If you're not a hefty rice eater, I think this is a good staple for two.  There isn't much viand to have this on its own. 

salted fish fried rice
Salted Fish Fried Rice (170 php)
I usually go for the Bagoong Rice Toppings but the Salted Fish Fried Rice equally good.

Pad Thai
pad thai crabmeat
Pad Thai Crabmeat (250 php)
The Pad Thai Crabmeat has lots of beansprout making it crunchy with some sweetness from the crab meat.  One order is already good for two.

pad thai chicken
Pad Thai Chicken (220 php)
If you can't have crab meat, you can opt for the Pad Thai Chicken.

pad thai singaporean
Pad Thai Singaporean (250 php)
This is my first time to try a Pad Thai Singaporean.  It was a good try but I still prefer the usual Pad Thai.

Thai Grill Plates
chicken satay
Chicken Satay (320 php)
The Chicken Satay is one of my favorites among our orders.  It is tender, moist and tasty.  An order comes with 10 pieces so it's quite affordable.

grilled thai isan sausage
Grilled Thai Isan Sausage (350 php)
Another first for me is trying out the Grilled Thai Isan Sausage.  It's like our local longganisa but not as sweet.
grilled thai isan sausage
Grilled Thai Isan Sausage (350 php)

You enjoy the Grilled Thai Isan Sausage like the samgyupsal
thai sweet pork bbq
Thai Sweet Pork BBQ (330 php) (*not actual serving)
My personal recommendation is the Thai Sweet Pork BBQ.   It also comes with 10 pieces per order.  It has a alluring sweetness and juiciness that will keep you wanting more.

sticky rice mango sundae
Sticky Rice Mango Sundae (135 php)
The Sticky Rice Mango Sundae is the usual sticky rice mango with a scoop of coconut sorbet.  The coconut sorbet is very light.  The rice and mango is in two layers so its good for sharing.  Don't expect the green colored rice to be flavored though, I'd just for visual appeal.

thai iced coffee
Thai Iced Coffee (55 php)
I loved the Thai Iced Coffee.  It's a steal for only 55 php!  This will definitely be my caffeine fix when in the area.

pandan iced tea
Pandan Iced Tea (45 php)
If you go with the Rice Toppings, you can get the Pandan Iced Tea for free.  But, in case you don't.  I think you'll like how refreshingly sweet it is.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
BKK Express serves its purpose to provide quick, convenient and affordable Thai cuisine.  I can't say it's the best but most of its meal are good for sharing at an affordable price.  I recommend this for those in the area (Go for the Thai Sweet Pork BBQ).   The ingredients are okay except for the shrimp (they use dried ones). 

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BKK Express
Business Address
4/F Uptown Food Hall, Uptown Place Mall, 36th street corner 9th Avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge N/A
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi Yes (Uptowm Place Mall Free WiFi)
Contact (02) 501-0000

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