Sweet Delights by Charlotte: Lactation Goodies with the Ge Lai Concept

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There are many things that amaze me in this world.  And, one of the greatest things that has always enchanted me since childhood is motherhood.  There is just so much unspoken purity in the love and sacrifice that mothers put in for their child.  So when I encountered Sweet Delights by Charlotte, I was thrilled with their concept.

sweet delights by charlotte

You see, I was the second out of five children which my mother breastfed entirely for the first two years of our lives.  My mom, like all mothers, have never shared her postpartum journey.  But, I myself have felt and seen all that she has endured for us.  In order for a mother to be able to give the best for her child, she must be at the best condition she could ever be.  And, that's where the ge lai concept comes in. 

sweet delights by charlotte
Traditional Filipino-Chinese has adopted rules to bring the balance of yin and yang (hot and cold) of the body and restore the body to its fullest.  For picky eaters, the limited selection of food choices can be quite dreadful for the 30-day period.  With Sweet Delights by Charlotte, mother's can satisfy their cravings and have fun with the process.

sweet delights by charlotte

Sweet Delights by Charlotte lactation goodies contain galactogues such as flaxseed meal, brewer's yeast fenugeek and malunggay to enhance lactation and also warming ingredients such as chocolates. And, their products are also consulted with a nutritionist to meet the 2,180 calories recommended by the Food and Nutritrition Research Institute.  

sweet delights by charlotte
Goodies are ordered per set such as the 7-day supply lactation goodies box that contains: 
  • 3 pcs Lactation Oat Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins - 1 Serving: 245 Calories
  • 3 pcs Lactation Chunky Chocolate Walnut Blondies - 1 Serving: 195 Calories
  • 3 pcs Lactation Brownies - 1 Serving: 185 Calories
  • 3 pcs Lactation Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies  - 1 Serving: 150 Calories 
sweet delights by charlotte
Lactation Cheesecake Brownies
and the 6-day supply 12 pcs Lactation Cheesecake Brownies.

sweet delights by charlotte
Just to be clear, no... I'm not a mother yet.  I'm just in for these delicious treats!  That is of course, another option for having these right?  

sweet delights by charlotte
Lactation Oat Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins and Lactation Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies
My mom is a big fan of the Lactation Oat Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins and Lactation Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies.  While, I ate the rest. =)

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