Tips For Baking With Chocolate

A decadent smell that sometimes comes from the kitchen is chocolate as it melts on the stove. You can also encounter a hint of heaven while something made with chocolate is baking in the oven, such as a pie or a cake. There are a few things to keep in mind when working with baking chocolate or any other kind of chocolate. If you are using the kind traditionally set aside for baking, you will discover that it has a slightly bitter taste. You need to add a bit of sugar for there to be a sweet taste, but there are some recipes that you can make that do well with a bitter chocolate, such as creme pie.

Chocolate is an ingredient that is sensitive to heat. You have to use a lower heat so that it doesn't burn. While it's in a pot or a pan, you need to stir it at a constant rate. If you don't, then it can begin to stick to the sides of the vessel. High heat can make the chocolate lose its shine. This is something to consider if you are making a pudding or a ganache.

Cut large pieces of chocolate into small chips before melting. This will decrease the melting time. A double boiler can help control the temperature. This is a saucepan of water with a bowl sitting on top of it so that the product isn't directly in the heat. When you begin making cakes, pies and other treats, use the chocolate when it's at room temperature. This is when it usually tastes the best. Salt can enhance the sweetness as well as the cocoa flavor. You can add butter to give chocolate a shine. Vanilla also adds a sweet taste, but you need to think about how much is used as it can be overpowering.

When you're using a solid block of chocolate or chips, avoid mixing it with powder. The flavors are usually completely different, and you will often get a mixture that is grainy. If you add sugar to the product, then consider melting the sugar with butter before adding it together.