Sev's Cafe: Farewell to a Wonderful Hang Out Place (Closed)

Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Once upon a time, there was a humble hang out place called Sev's Cafe.
sevs cafe
Tucked in a basement of Legaspi Tower without a visible facade. 

sevs cafe
Yet, those who know this place finds comforts in this little haven.

Sev's is a wonderful haven that allows you to write, think, play, read or do whatever you feel.  No wonder groups were formed and gathered here at Sev's

This place of culture and art has drawn all sorts of crowd.  

Special menu changes from day to day.

But, everything on it is consistently local and healthy.

Thus, every visit at Sev's Cafe is a fruitful nourishment of the mind and body. 

Farewell Sev's Cafe... a place that offered a home, a stage and a spotlight to everyone.  How unfortunate that a place of beginnings has to come to an end.

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