Maisen: New Katsu for Luck! (Greenbelt Makati)

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

A day before my little sister's board exam, my sister invited us to have katsu as a pre-board tradition.
Katsu means "WIN" so it's a belief that it adds luck.  So, how did we end up with Maisen?  

In 1965, Maisen was established in a former World War II public bathhouse in Omotesando Hills and now, it has several shops around Japan.  The store highlight its logo which is a symbol of infinity that represents it's aim for growth.  
maisen philippines
We had to wait for an hour or so before it was our turn but not a problem because we're in a mall so there were spent the time shopping.  We were a group of 6 and most of the tables that we're freed were only for smaller groups.  Their system is really great because they really call to update us whether we're fine seating outside or waiting a bit more for a table for 6 because only for 4 is available and we might feel a bit of a squeeze.  We ended up seating outside because the indoor part can only hold two tables of a group of 6-8 and we couldn't wait any longer as my little sister had to wake up early the next day for her exam.

maisen philippines
On the table are two kinds of katsu sauce: Amakuchi (sweet sauce), Karakuchi (Worcestershire sauce), two kinds of salad dressing: Miso and Sesame and chili powder.

Kurobuta Tenderloin Katsu Set (630 php)
Maisen like other Katsu restaurants offer two kinds of pork cuts: Tenderloin (Hire) which is lean or Loin (Rosu) with a bit of fat.  All their sets comes with unlimited rice, cabbage, pickle, fruits and miso soup.  We chose the Kurobuta Tenderloin Katsu Set.   
Special Kurobuta Sauce
It comes with Maisen's Special Kurobuta Sauce that distinguishes their Kurobuta Katsu from the rest.  I really loved this sauce that I even used it for our other katsu.  It is made of grated apple so it's pleasantly sweet and with some spiciness from the Karakuchi Sauce.

Kurobuta Tenderloin Katsu (630 php)
The Kurobuta Tenderloin Katsu is impressive.  It has the light and crispy breading and extremely soft pork meat that we were expecting from it.

Katsu Picks
Cheese Minced Pork Katsu Set (390 php)
My little sister is a huge fan of the menchi katsu so she ordered the Cheese Minced Pork Katsu Set.  Among all we've tried to date, this is the best we've had.

Tenderloin Katsu Curry Set (395 php)
What I like about their Curry Sets like the Tenderloin Katsu Curry Set we ordered is that the Japanese curry sauce is served separately.  It assures that the Katsu breading is still crunchy when you eat it.  My family is not much of a curry fan but they like the blend of Maisen's curry because it's very creamy and very mellow in terms of spice.

Maisen Specials
Pork Sukiyaki Set (520 php)
The Pork Sukiyaki Set is really good. 

Pork Sukiyaki Set (520 php)
Most of the sukiyaki here in the Philippines is too sweet for us.  This one is just right. 

Sandwich Sets
Tenderloin Katsu Pocket Sandwich Set (275 php)
Having the Tenderloin Katsu Pocket Sandwich Set reminded me of the flying saucer sandwiches like those served in Aristocrat that became a Filipino food trend in the 1980's.

Tenderloin Katsu Pocket Sandwich
The Tenderloin Katsu Pocket Sandwich is definitely must try!  Maisen has a special tenderloin katsu sauce that is just so awesome.  And, just look at that beautifully runny eggBefore this I was a fan of Kimukatsu's Sando and my mom was a fan of Ginza Bairin's Sando, but now now this game change is our new fave.

They have a take out counter where we bought little sister's snack for her PLE exam the next day. 

Tenderloin Katsu Sandwich Set 3 pcs. (150 php)

Little sister likes the Tenderloin Katsu Sandwich better than the Tenderloin Katsu Pocket Sandwich.  We placed it on the fridge at night.  The next morning, she reheated it on the microwave before she brought it.  She says it's still good when she had it.

Tofu Salad (160 php)
The Tofu Salad with the ponsu dressing is the same as their side salad but with silky smooth tofu cuts.

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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Maisen is a great addition to the Katsu options here in Manila.  Definitely worth a try because they offer something distinct from the rest.

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