Las Flores: Modern Spanish Dinner by Catalan Flavors in Fort Bonifacio Taguig

Every time we pass by the Fort Bonifacio area, we couldn't help but notice the crowd Las Flores is drawing. That made us want to try it for quite some time so one evening, we just spontaneously gave it a go.

las flores
It's at One Mckinley Place same as Smoper Chicken and Toro Restaurant.  It has a very bright and inviting facade.  It is very attuned to its name "Las Flores" which means "the flowers".  Upon reaching their door, we were quickly assisted and ushered to our table.

las flores
The interiors were very homey and cozy. 

las flores
I love everything about the place: the plate, glass and wine displays, frames on the wall, mix match of cushioned furniture, lighted candles on every table and more.

las flores
As I've researched, this is owned by the pioneers of Barcino.  Since we've had a pleasant experience with Barcino ever since, we had even higher hopes for this one.

las flores
Complimentary Bread Basket
The Complimentary Bread Basket was served as soon as we ordered.  Everything on it was warm and moist so we couldn't resist nibbling on them.

las flores
Sopa Del Dia (Soup of the Day) (145 php)
We had our Sopa Del Dia split into two.  It was a bit watery cream of asparagus.  It was an okay starter just to have something warm for the tummy.

Cold Dishes
ceviche de vieieas con jamon iberico
Ceviche de Vieiras con Jamon Iberico (350 php)
Ceviche has always been my kind of thing.  But, it's my first time to try a Ceviche de Vieiras con Jamon Iberico which is a scallop ceviche with ham.  This is by far the best one I've tried yet!

zucchini carppaccio
Carpaccio de Calabacin con Calabaza Asada y Salsa de Pimientos del Piquillo (295 php)
Okay, so I guess I'm into raw dishes in general cause I enjoy having carpaccio too.  The usual carpaccio is for meat or fish so I was intrigue by the Carpaccio de Calabacin con Calabaza Asada y Salsa de Pimientos del Piquillo which is zucchini carpaccio stuffed with pumpkin cream and roasted red bell pepper sauce.  It delivers a nice one of kind experience I'd recommend anybody to have. It's a bit pricey though.  Maybe you're paying for the beautiful plating.

codfish fritters
Buñuelos de Bacalao con Salsa Romesco y Piñones (395 php)
The Buñuelos de Bacalao con Salsa Romesco y Piñones are codfish fritters with romesco sauce and pine nuts.  This is good but nothing extraordinary.

Setas Bio en Tempura de Cerveza y Mayonesa de Soja (195 php)
Fellow mushroom lovers should not deprive themselves of the Setas Bio en Tempura de Cerveza y Mayonesa de Soja and order it at once.  On a more objective note, I enjoyed this simply because it is mushroom cooked in beer batter.  Not much ingenuity was applied here.

Carnes y Pescados
pollo asado a la catalana
Pollo Asado A La Catalana (495 php)
The Pollo Asado A La Catalana which is roasted chicken with prunes, shrimp and apricots received a lot of praise that night.  I personally enjoyed the fruity apricots sweet notes that matched the tender chicken well.

paella de marisco
Paella de Marisco (Seafood paella) (495 php)
This is one of the best Paella de Marisco or seafood paella I've ever had.  Even Barcino's rendition is pale in comparison.  The price is a steal too!

paella negra
Paella Negra con Sepia (495 php)
 The Paella Negra con Sepia is also delicious but we  preferred the Paella de Marisco over it.

las flores
I don't usually post the bill but this box is too cute not to be shared.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Las Flores is a good modern Spanish Catalan restaurant to try.  We enjoyed our dining experience.  For the food quality, ambiance and service, it's definitely worth the price paid for.

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Las Flores
Business Address G/F One Mckinley Place, 25th St Fort Bonifacio, 
Taguig City, Metro Manila
Business Hours Lunch: 11am-2pm
Dinner: 6pm-2am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 400-1,500
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 552-2815
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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