Casa Quesadilla: Hole-in-the-Wall Mexican House (Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl)

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Although we Filipinos are generally heavy rice eaters, I'm quite surprised that there are hardly any Mexican restaurants around.  So I'm always happy to discover more.  And, I'd like to thank Food Panda Magihawa Food Crawl for my latest discovery.

casa quesadilla
With a facade that's simple, the hat, name and color instantly hints out that they serve Mexican dishes and they specialize in Quesadillas.

casa quesadilla maginhawa
You can opt to eat out al fresco style but on a hot day, I'd suggest eating insideI like how they made the place feel Mexican with the red bricks, orange tone and Mexican art. 


mexican beef quesa
Mexican Beef Quesadilla (110 php)
The Mexican Beef Quesadilla has salsa, beans and ground beef.  This is their specialty item.

spinach and chicken quesa
Spinach & Chicken Quesa (130 php)
 The Spinach & Chicken Quesa is the champion of quesadillas for me.  It had oozing melted cheese, tender ground chicken and slippery spinach bits.

beef yakiniku quesa
Beef Yakiniku Quesa (140 php)
I think they made a risk to fuse Japanese and Mexican with the Beef Yakiniku Quesa.  Well, it was a risk well-taken because it works!  The tiny beef slices and caramelized onions delivered sufficient savory flavors to make it interesting and fun to munch.
casa quesadilla
Home Made Hot Sauce

If you want to add some spice to any of their dishes, try their Home Made Hot Sauce.  It's not very spicy but does the job of adding tingling appetizing hotness.

chicken burrito
Chicken Burrito (120 php)
If you want a heavy meal that's bang for the buck, go for their BurritosThe Chicken Burrito is loaded with tender chicken chunks, salsa, cheese, yogurt sauce and flavorful rice.

mexican beef burrito
Mexican Beef Burrito (130 php)
The Mexican Beef Burrito has the same composition as the Quesa but with yummy rice to boot.

Side Orders/Others
unlimited nachos
Ultimate Nachos (130 php)
The Ultimate Nachos with zesty salsa, ground beef, beans and cheese is great for sharing.

salsa yogurt dip
Salsa and Yogurt Dip
You can dip the nachos to the
Salsa and Yogurt Dip.   My companions liked the diluted and sweet Yogurt Dip but I personally prefer the rich and tangy type.

dynamite beef roll
Dynamite Beef Rolls (99 php)
The Dynamite Beef Rolls is a special kind as it has ground beef bits on top of the usual chilli and cheese.  I don't find it compatible with ketchup though.

unlimited iced tea
Unlimited Iced Tea (50 php)
For drink, you can go for Unlimited Iced Tea to replenish your taste buds especially from the spicy dishes.

Order from Casa Quesadilla Through Food Panda
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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Casa Quesadilla is my kind of hole-in-the-wall Mexican House. The price is so reasonable that student's can frequent the place as much as they want.  The portion and taste is quite satisfying too.

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Casa Quesadilla
Business Address 176 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, 
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 12nn-10pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 120-400
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (0917) 539-9038
Other  Facebook Fan Page
Disclosure: Everything was arranged by Food Panda under the terms that we are to simply share our own insights and experience.

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