Staple and Perk Bakery: Freshly Baked Treats and Hearty Meals Available 24/7 (Ecoplaza Chino Roces Makati)

I recently discovered Staple and Perk Bakery at the back of Ecoplaza Building along Chino Roces Makati.  It doesn't really have a front signage so its not really visible for passersby.  So, should you stop by for it?  Read on...

staple and perk bakery
Staple and Perk Bakery is surprisingly majestic in comparison to other top-notch bakeries I've been to like WildFlour Cafe + Bakery and Lucca Bakery.
staple and perk bakery
It is well-ventilated with its high ceiling.  It's also very bright as I noticed that it has more than adequate lighting and surrounding glass windows that allow outer light to seep in.

staple and perk bakery
Just next to the counter is their chiller filled with their pastries, dips and drinks.

staple and perk bakerystaple and perk bakery
The place also has its artsy cutesy quirky colorfulness to it so it gives of this really refreshing, warm, hearty and cozy vibeDid I mention that they are open 24/7?

staple and perk bakery
And, I like that they promote chilling with actual interaction because admittedly its rare for our generation.

staple and perk bakery
They also serve a lot of take home goodies like cookies and biscotti.

staple and perk bakery

and very affordable pastries.  To bad my family only eat whole wheat variants so I wasn't able to buy some for them.  But, I bought my mom some Ginger and Pili Biscotti and she liked it.

staple and perk bakery
Being health-conscious, I really loved their preservative-free advocacy.  I hope a lot of bakeries would also follow suit.

staple and perk bakery
While looking around, I left this cute giraffe doll with my table number on a table. 


Hearty Meals

Flat Breads
bacon flatbread
Bacon (180 php)
Well, to be honest, I've not explored much into flat breads.  But this, Bacon with pepper and cream topped over its soft and chewy dough is exactly what I've been yearning for.

cheese flatbread
Cheese (150 php)
Compared to the Bacon, the Cheese is pale in comparison although quite reasonably more affordable.

Baked Pastas
sweet corn and country ham
Sweet Corn & Country Ham (180 php)
The Sweet Corn & Country Ham is a light cream penne pasta topped with corn and bits of country ham.  For someone who has sensitive taste buds like me, I'm fine with the simplicity and limited sauce.  But, surely the average diner will want more flavor.  I also found the penne to be tougher than al dente.

fried shallots and bacon
Fried Shallots & Bacon (180 php)
The Fried Shallots & Bacon is more flavorful than the Sweet Corn & Country Ham because of the presence of the bacon bits.  But, the cream composition is quite similar.

tomato pesto kesong puti
Tomato, Pesto and Kesong Puti Solo (88 php)
The Tomato, Pesto and Kesong Puti panini is simple but comforting to munch on.  It's the first time I've encountered such a combination so I'm quite amazing that they mashed really well.  Plus, as you can see the panini is grilled quite perfectly.

fried ham and cheese
Fried Ham & Cheese Solo (99 php)
If you're into fried dishes, you can try the Fried Ham & Cheese which oozed with melted cheese and was served with their homemade strawberry jam.  Alone, I felt this was not worth the guilt but the strawberry jam was just so good with it.

sesame chicken salad
Sesame Chicken Salad Whole Solo (180 php)
My favorite among the sandwiches is the Sesame Chicken Salad.  Not only is the spread very tasty, the Ciabatta bread is so beautifully prepared as well.  If you're baking, you'd know that Ciabatta is defined more for its big and shiny holes than the flavor because it's harder to accomplish.

Braises (set comes with side salad and perk cooler)
lemon braised chicken
Lemon Braised Chicken Solo (150 php)
Upon first glance, I thought the Lemon Braised Chicken was a bit undercooked because of the pinkish color.  But, it was not.  In fact, it was evenly and slowly braised so it was really tender and juicy.  I really loved the Lemon Braised Chicken because the citrus flavor is mellow and well-balanced with the cream sauce.  

coconut peanut braised chicken
Coconut & Peanut Braised Chicken Solo (150 php)
On the other hand, I found the Coconut & Peanut Braised Chicken quite bold and rich in taste you have to eat this with bread or rice (upon request).  It has a dominant sweet and peanuty taste. 
Red Wine Braised Beef Set (260 php)
If you're a beef lover, you;d be glad they offer the Red Wine Braised BeefIt actually reminds me of the Chinese dish Beef Brisket but with more sophistication because of the red wine.  The beef was very tender too.  If you order the set you get it with a Perk Cooler and a side salad: Fresh Panzanella Salad or Apple-pili Salad.

Soy Butter Braised Pork Set (260 php)
The Soy Butter Braised Pork is pork cubes swimming in soy sauce and butter oil.  Forget the guilt, butter fat is good!


Bacon Quiche (95 php)
Bacon Quiche was too plain for me.  Compared to other quiches I've tried, I really felt that this could be further improved.  Too be honest, I prefer French Baker's quiche over this.

Vegetable Quiche (95 php)
The Vegetable Quiche with zucchini offered lesser flavor than the Bacon Quiche.

Apple Pie Bar (80 php)
I really enjoyed the Apple Pie Bar.  I've always enjoyed apple and cinnamon-based pastries and this one is pretty good because it had the right texture and sweetness.

Cinnamon & Caramel Bread Pudding (130 php)
I usually stray away from caramel containing desserts because of the overwhelming sweetness.  But, I'm quite surprised that the Cinnamon & Caramel Bread Pudding topped with cinnamon dusted whipped cream was just right for my sweet-sensitive preference.  But, I found the texture quite inconsistent perhaps due to its thickness.

Chocolate Chip Cookies (30 php), Ginger and Pili Biscotti (30 php) and Vanilla Biscotti (30 php)
I'd recommend everything in this plate:  Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ginger and Pili Biscotti and Vanilla Biscotti for those who like crunchy crumby snacks.

Cream Puffs (65 php)
Being a fan of cream puffs, I'm quite disappointed with S&P's Cream Puffs because the texture was off, the cream was too plain, the size was petite but the price was hefty - as it was more than the price standard for international brands.

Dayap Cheesecake Slice (110 php)
I was expecting the Dayap Cheesecake to be more on the tangy side but since it was more like a jelly or jam form, it was actually sweet.  This won the vote of my companions.

Three Cheese Cheesecake Slice (160 php)
It's actually my first time to try a cheesecake that's more on the salty side than sweetThe Three Cheese Cheesecake felt like a cheese pie with an exquisite dense cheese texture. 

Sweet Potato Cheesecake Slice (99 php)
My favorite among the cheesecakes is the Sweet Potato Cheesecake.  I like the contrast between the dense and salty cheese and the soft, mushy and natural and mild sweetness of the sweet potato chunks.

Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake Slice (130 php)
Being a chocoholic, the Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake is one of the best chocolate cheesecake I've tried!  It's dark and rich chocolate chunks are so indulgent.
Sesame Roll, Baguette, Pandesal
I also tried some of their pastries.  I loved the Sesame Roll the most because they are very generous with the sesame seeds.


Ice Blended
Mixed Berries (150 php)
For my perks (which is what they refer to their drinks), I chose the Mixed Berries.  I liked that it was very creamy and not too sweet but it wasn't anything extraordinary.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Staple and Perk Bakery is a great addition to the hidden restaurants along Chino Roces.  I'd definitely swing by when in the area.  The price is very affordable (albeit for some items) given their fresh, quality and hearty products and the ambiance is a place where  can chill for hours long.  The staffs are also very friendly and the owner himself is very passionate and hands-on.  I think this place is very promising.  In fact, they are already a concessionaire for many establishments.

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Staple and Perk Bakery
Business Address Ecoplaza Building, Pasong Tamo Extension (Chino Roces)
Pasay City, Metro
Business Hours 24 hours Except Sundays
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 30-200
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 925-1122
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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