Nanbantei of Tokyo: Yakitori Night (Bonifacio High Street Central)

Nanbantei of Tokyo is an international chain of yakitori restaurants from Roponggi Tokyo Japan.  Since the establishment of its pioneer branch 40 years ago, it now expanded in Singapore, Shanghai, and the Philippines.

nanbantei of tokyo
I visited their branch located at the 2nd level Bonifacio High Street Central just beside Village Tavern.  The other is in Greenbelt 3.

nanbantei of tokyo
The interiors are of traditional Japanese with wooden tables, chairs and dividers.  The entire place is lit with soft yellow lighting. 

nanbantei of tokyo
They have an open kitchen were you can see your yakitori orders being grilled by the expert chefs.


Soup & Salads

shiitake mushroom salad
Shiitake Mushroom Salad
The Shiitake Mushroom Salad  has the usual salad ingredients: lettuce, carrot, cherry tomatoes with the special ingredient: fresh shiitake mushroom. I never knew that you can eat the shiitake mushroom raw.  I loved it!  The sesame dressing is perfect for it too.

Samurai Sets (888 php/good for 3)
samurai set a
Samurai Set A (800 php/good for 3)
All Samurai Sets comes with 3 servings of Miso Shiru and Gohan.  We tried the Samurai Set A which includes: 1 set of Ebi Tempura (6 pieces), 3 Tebasaki (grilled chicken wings seasoned with salt), 3 Poteto Maki (grilled potato wrapped in bacon seasoned with salt), 3 Negima (grilled chicken meat with leeks seasoned with salt), 3 Aspara Maki (grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon seasoned with salt) and 3 Pork Yakiniku (grilled pork meat marinated with yakiniku sauce).

Samurai Set B includes: 3 Leba Maki (grilled chicken liver wrapped in bacon seasoned with salt), 3 Beef Garlic Maki, 3 Pork Garlic Maki, 3 Beef Yakiniku 3 Shake Kushi Yaki (grilled salmon balls marinated with teriyaki sauce) and Kani SaladSamurai Set C includes 3 Bonjiri (grilled chicken tail marinated with teriyaki sauce), 3 Tebasaki , Sakani Maki (grilled dory fish wrapped in bacon seasoned with salt), 3 Tsukune, 3 Shiso Maki (grilled pork with shiso leaf) and Tori Karaage.

enoki maki
Enoki Maki (140 php)
The Enoki Maki grilled enoki mushroom wrapped with pork seasoned with salt.

shiitake maki
Shitake Maki (220 php)
The Shitake Maki is grilled shitake mushroom wrapped with beef seasoned with salt.

gyu tan
The Gyu-Tan is grilled ox tongue seasoned with salt and pepper.

ebi maki
Ebi Maki
The Ebi Maki was a hit among my companions.  It is grilled  shrimp wrapped in bacon season with salt.

Tsukune (120 php)
The Tsukune is grilled chicken meat balls marinated with teriyaki sauce.  This is my favorite among all our yakitori orders.

Special Items
tori karaage
Tori Karaage (200 php)
 The Tori Karaage was tender and juicy but I did not appreciate the thick batter.

Side Order
yaki onigiri
Yaki Onigiri (85 php/piece)
We were intrigued by the Yaki Onigiri  or grilled rice balls.  It was an interesting sight but I didn't enjoy it that much especially since the nori wasn't crispy anymore.

strawberry mango shake
Strawberry Mango Shake (100 php)

The Strawberry Mango Shake is really good!  This is probably the best summer fruit shake I've tried yet.

strawberry shake
Strawberry Shake (100 php)
The Strawberry Shake is just as good. 

coffee jelly
Coffee Jelly (120 php)
For dessert, the Coffee Jelly with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is a great choice.

green tea ice cream
Green Tea Ice Cream (100 php)
The Green Tea Ice Cream is also a nice meal-ender.

avocado ice cream
Avocado Ice Cream (100 php)
Or you can opt for the
Avocado Ice Cream to avoid the caffeine.

New Cocktails
japanese mojito
Japanese Mojito (175 php), Malibu Midori (125 php), Gin Basil (125 php), Hibiscus Mojito (150 php) and Fresh Rita (150 php)
Popular among my colleagues was the Japanese Mojito.  It's a blend of Ichiko Soju, calamansi juice, syrup and soda water.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Nanbantei of Tokyo offers authentic yakitori selections and other Japanese dishes for an affordable price.  They have a wide variety of drinks too.  If you're in group the sets are a good option to enjoy more savings.

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Nanbantei of Tokyo
Branches Greenbelt 3
Greenbelt 3, 3/F Ayala Center, 
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02)  757-4130 to 31

Bonifacio High Street Central
2nd level Bonifacio High Street Central,
7th Avenue corner 29th Street,
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 621-3224 to 25
Business Hours Lunch:
Mon-Sun: 11am-2:30pm
Mon-Thurs; Sun: 5:30pm-11pm
Fri-Sat: Dinner: 5:30pm-12am 
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 200-500
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
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