Grilla Bar and Grill: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

My friends often tease me of being a serious and uptight person.  So once in awhile, I give in and let them take me to the fun places.  One night I ended up at Grilla Bar and Grill with good old friends and met a new ones too.  My friends enjoyed their drinks but as usual, I was there for food and company.
grilla bar and grill
I'm really liked the spacious and upscale feel of Grilla Bar and Grill Makati.  They even have an Al Fresco balcony area.


chicharong cebu
Chicharong Cebu (160 php)
As they say, You Only Live Once (YOLO) so we started with the deliciously crispy Chicharong Cebu.

pork bbq and salted egg triangles
Pork BBQ and Salted Egg Triangles (185 php)
My friends were drinking so they really enjoy crunchy finger snacks like the Pork BBQ and Salted Egg Triangles while we chatted the night away.  This is an interesting dish to try.

tofu and sigarilyas sisig
Tofu and Sigarilyas Sisig (145 php)
 The Tofu and Sigarilyas Sisig is a healthiest sisig option in htier menu.  It's still as salty as the regular sisig though.

ilocos dinuydoy
Ilocos Dinuydoy (135 php)
The Ilocos Dinuydoy has three primary ingredients: mashed squash, ampalaya and bagnet presented in a deconstructed way. 

egg plant torta poqui poqui
Eggplant Torta - Poqui Poqui (145 php)
The Eggplant Torta - Poqui Poquiis the Ilocano way of eggplant torta.  I find their Ilocano dishes too salty.  Ilocano cuisine being our second native cuisine at home, I was surprised by this.  Ilocano dish is known for simplicity and bringing out the natural flavors.  Ilocanos like my mom are very frugal and appreciative of the lightest flavors. 


Family Feast
grilla palayok
Grill-A-Palayok (695 php)
The Grill-A-Palayok is a fun dish to try with a group!  You can choose your favorite type of meat and you can choose from 3 types of dips: Pork-lemongrass broth, Grilled Eggplant and Nilasing na Mangga.  I liked the latter the most.

beef kansi
Beef Kansi (345 php)
I took one sip of the Beef Kansi and found it too peppery and salty to be enjoyed as a soup.

sinampalukang inihaw na manok
Sinampalukang  Inihaw na Manok (225 php)
The Sinampalukang  Inihaw na Manok has a nice smokey flavor alogn with the strong tangy taste.  I liked the smokey and tender inihaw na manok bits in it.

inadobong tilapia sa gata at sili
Inadobong Tilapia sa Gata at Sili (225 php)
The Inadobong Tilapia sa Gata at Sili is among the dishes I liked as well.  It was fun to eat and has a fun twist of flavors.

halo halo spring roll
Halo Halo Spring Rolls (135 php)
Last but definitely not the least is the Halo Halo Spring Rolls.  I liked this the most!

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
My friends enjoyed our dining experience at Grilla Bar and Grill.  I recommend it for those who enjoy strong taste and pair their food with lots of rice and drinks to tone down the flavors and probably guilt. 

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Grilla Bar and Grill
Branches Grilla Libis 
E. Rodriguez Ave.,
Libis, Metro Manila
(02) 655-5787

Grilla Makati 
Kalayaan Ave.,
Makati, Metro Manila
(02) 899-8775

Grilla Promenade Greenhills
(02) 726-6200

Grilla Antipolo 
Sumulong Highway, Antipolo 
Business Hours Lunch: 11 am - 3pm
Mon-Thurs & Sun: 5 pm-1:30 am
Friday to Saturday: 5 pm - 3:30 am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 400-1,000
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
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