Bona's Chao Long Haus: Puerto Princesa Food Trip Vietnamese Stop

Because of the good weather, we Tsinoy Foodies decided to enjoy the fresh air by walking from our hotel at House of Big Brother to Bona's Chao Long Haus.

bonas chao long haus
Soon, we reached Bona's Chao Long Haus with tricycles parked on its front .  It looks like a typical carinderia.  The place was well-ventilated with fans.  It has a counter were you pay and order.  It has wooden tables and plastic chairs.  Lots of local dine in their most comfortable clothes.  Its simplicity depicts a Vietnamese street food like experience. 


buto-buto noodles with sbs special
Buto-Buto Noodles with SBS Special (60 php)
We ordered their best selling Buto-Buto Noodles with SBS Special.  The sbs stands for sabaw ng beef stew (broth of the beef stew).  The pork meat was tender and the noodles had a nice texture.  The broth was very tasty that we didn't mind having out mouth all red and dirty.  For the price, who could complain right?  We just can't help but notice how sinfully oily this is as compared to the usual Vietnamese pho we've tried. 

bonas chao long haus
It is served with fresh beans sprouts and calamansi.

French Bread
french bread pork meat special
French Bread with Pork Meat Special (30 php)
During the French colonization in Vietnam, they introduced the sandwich was referred to as Banh mi.  I've never tried a Banh mi in any Vietnamese restaurant in Manila before so why not in Puerto Princesa palawan right?  We chose to try the French Bread with Pork Meat Special.

french bread pork meat special
French Bread with Pork Meat Special (30 php)
It has a red and yellow sauce with pork meat with fats in it. 

french bread pork meat special
French Bread with Pork Meat Special (30 php)
It was very delicious!  The french bread was crunchy and soft just the way I like it.  The meat was tender and the fats almost melts on your mouth.

yakult shake
Yakult Shake (30 php)
The small glass of Yakult Shake was the best we've ever had and for a very good price too.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Bona's Chao Long Haus is a must Vietnamese stop at Puerto Princesa Palawan!  Since its 24 hours, make time to drop by anytime.  Their food is cheap and delicious! 

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Bona's Chao Long Haus
Business Address Manalo St, Puerto Princesa
Palawan Philippines
Business Hours 24 hours
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 50-150
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None

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