Makchang Korean Grill Restaurant: Straight Forward and Affordable Korean Grill Choices (Malate)

Once in awhile, we like many other prefer to enjoy a simple Korean grill.  A perfect option in our area is Makchang Korean Grill.  Unlike its neighbor Doniz Korean Restaurant which I've shared before that offers an extensive Korean menu,  Makchang offers only a dozen items which are mainly grilled.

makchang korean grill restaurant
Seating during peak hours usually have to be assigned by numbers.  You can sat inside their sister establishment "Unlimited Buffet Korean Food Bbq Grill & Shabu-Shabu" while waiting.  But if you can't stand the smokers in such an enclosed area, you can just wait by standing outside watching the staffs burn their charcoal endlessly.

makchang korean grill restaurant

The interiors are downright simple with big round tables that are equip with charcoal grillers and exhaust.  You'll see servers running to and fro to cater to customers necessities.  

makchang korean grill restaurant
Upon being seated, we were supplied with baek kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage), lettuce, raw sweet potatoes, pajori (green onions mixed with chili powder and sesame salad), garlic and doenjang (soy bean paste sauce).  You can eat the sweet potatoes raw which will have a crunchy consistency like singkamas or cook it to make it mushy like fries. 

makchang miso soup
Complimentary Miso Soup
We were also given our a bowl of Complimentary Miso Soup each.

Makchang has a minimum order rule:
  • 1-3 persons: Minimum of 2 orders
  • 4-5 persons: Minimum of 3 orders
  • 6-7 persons: Minimum of 4 orders
Kotdungsim (550 php)
For beef we tried the Kotdungsim.  The staff fully assisted in the cooking of each dish. 

Kotdungsim (550 php)
The Kotdungsim is thinly slices unmarinated beef.  Except for the higher price, I can't tell its difference from the Beef Galbi.  Does it look more of a well-marbled or premium beef to you?


pork galbi
Pork Galbi (250 php)
The Pork Galbi is a thick marinated pork rib meat. 

pork galbi
Pork Galbi (250 php)
Upon being cooked, it is cut into bite-size pieces.  We loved this!  It as flavorful and tender. 

Samkyupsal (250 php)
The Samkyupsal is the classic unmarinated pork belly slices known to have a fatty layer.  I enjoying eating this with the lettuce, pajori, garlic, baek kimchi and doenjang.

Galmekisal (290 php)
The Galmekisal is pork skirtmeat taken from the portion beneath the ribs and between the pig liver and the midriff. 

Galmekisal (290 php)
This is tougher to chew that the Pork Galbi probably because it is leaner

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Makchang Korean Grill Restaurant offers a no fuzz and straight forward menu.  Their prices are very affordable making it a great choice for regular korean grill cravers.  As expected from the price, the meat quality is passable and the blend is nothing special. The service is great as staffs are lively and friendly despite being very busy.

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Makchang Korean Grill Restaurant
Business Address Adriatico St cor. Pedro Gil (in front of Robsinson's Place Ermita)
Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-4am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge None
Budget/Person 300-1,000
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None

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