Azuthai Restaurant: Gastronomic Thai Dining Experience (Makati)

Paseo de Roxas, Makati, Philippines

To celebrate my mom's birthday with relatives, we reserved our dinner at Azuthai Restaurant.  Although we haven't tried it yet, we took the risk since it had high ratings on and it was highly recommended to me by foodie friends. 
azuthai restaurant
The parking was limited so we're lucky to be early so we still had a slot.  But, not to worry since their guard will aid in finding you one. 

azuthai restaurant
We were welcomed in and ushered to our reservation table as soon as we reached the front door.  They had a more private area with dividers.  Mom was wondering why we weren't assigned there.  Only to find out later that the Marcoses (Imelda Marcos, Imee Marcos and company) would occupy that place for a casual family dinner. 

complimentary nuts
Complimentary Nuts
 While waiting for our guests, they gave as Complimentary Nuts


tod man goong
Tod Man Goong (325 php/5 pcs.)
To start our rather long dinner, we began with the Tod Man Goong.  I'm not usually a fan of fried fritter dishes but this Thai fried shrimp cake was delightful especially with the sweet and spicy dipping sauce.  It was not oily at all but rather it had a thin splendidly crunchy coating and soft and tasty shrimp filling. 

poh pia paksot
Poh Pia Paksot (195 php)
The Poh Pia Paksot is fresh Thai spring rolls in rice paper with special sauce with peanuts.  Nothing extraordinary about this one but it had some boasting freshness to it. 

guia tiao
Guio Tiao (345 php)
The servers assisted in serving the big bowl of Guio Tiao into three bowlfuls.   It is actually my first time to try the Guio Tiao.   It is a spicy beef noodle soup with clear rice noodles, star anise, cinnamon, cilantro and bean sprouts.  They gave us a bowl of hot sauce so we could add more spiciness according to our preference.  This is really good!

tom yum poh tak
Tom Yum Poh Tak (345 php)
The Tom Yum Poh Tak is spicy thai seafood soup with seabass, squid, prawns and mushrooms in clear both.  An order is good for three bowlfuls.  We ordered this mild which turned out to be not spicy at all.  It had a slight sweetness and sourness with hint of herbs and spices.  It was a quite soothing to drink. 

yam pla duk foo
Yam Pla Duk Foo (325 php)
The Yam Pla Duk Foo is crispy catfish shred salad with thin strips of green mango, crushed peanuts, onions, sliced lettuces and mint sprinkled with lime dressing.  The crispy catfish is very very crisp as evident from its darker than golden color.  As not much flavor is derived from the catfish bits, tanginess from the green mangoes and lime dressing is dominating for this dish.

yam som o
Yam Som O (295 php)
This is one of the best Yam Som O I have tried yet!  The Yam Som O is a sweet pomelo salad with jumbo prawns, chicken bits, toasted coconut in chili lime dressing.  

gaeng phet pak
Gaeng Phet Pak (295 php)
The Gaeng Phet Pak is red vegetable curry mixed with coconut milk with broccoli, cauliflower ,carrots, green and red peppers and young corn.  This is satisfactory but since we also ordered the Massaman Gaeh which had the same red curry, it was outshun by the latter.

massaman gaeh
Massaman Gaeh (395 php)
The Massaman Gaeh is the headline of the evening.  Everyone was full of oohs and aahs over this dish!  The massaman lamb in ember red curry mixed with coconut milk is so tender and savory.  The shallots, potatoes and peanuts are complementary to the exemplary lamb meat!

gaeng kew wan gai
Gaeng Kew Wan Gai (345 php)
The Gaeng Kew Wan Gai is tender chicken cubes in green curry mixed with coconut milk with eggplant slices and basil.  This is not as fiesty as the red curry but it has its own sophisticated flare.

gai ho bai toey
Gai Ho Bai Toey (325 php/5 pcs.)
The Gai Ho Bai Toey is pandan chicken with sweet soy sauce.  My cute little nephew loved this!  He ate three pieces of this dish in a flash and wouldn't want anything else. 

gai kra prow
Gai Kra Prow (325 php)
The Gai Kra Prow is stir-fried minced chicken with hot chili bits, crunchy string beans and crispy basil leaves.  I really loved the festive taste of basil in this dish!

Noodles and Rice
pad thai
Pad Thai (325 php)
The Pad Thai was served in the most beautiful arrangement as seen on the menu.  Too bad I forgot to snap a shot since we were too excited to cosume this and requested the staff to mix it as soon as it was served.  This is Pad Thai is heavenly!  Although I'm trying to stay away from carbs, I along with everyone else can't help myself from indulging this.

khao kapi
Khao Kapi (325 php)
The Khao Kapi is another popular dish which is the Thai bagoong fried rice.  This one is a bountiful with harmonious ingredients of sweet pork chunks, dried shrimp, scrambled egg, green mango, string beans and shallots.  This earned everyone's approval!

khao neaw ma mung
Khao Neaw Ma Mung (165 php)
The Khao Neaw Ma Mung is a cup of sticky rice covered in rich coconut cream topped with sesame seeds with ripe mango slices.  After our heavy meal, I know what you're thinking.  We might not have any room for dessert right?  Believe it or not, everyone kept digging in into this delicious Khao Neaw Ma Mung like there was no tomorrow.

tap tim krob
Tap Tim Krob (125 php)
As soon as we, the ladies, were handed out the menu, everyone was already settled over the Tap Tim Krob which was water chestnuts with coconut milk, thick coconut strips and shaved ice.  All of us ordered one each and adopted a no sharing policy since we had much expectation for this.  But sadly, it was nothing special for me.  I was yearning for the distinctive crunchiness from the water chestnuts but there was none.

Ruamit (125 php)
The Ruamit is a Thai style halo halo.  It is the same as the Tap Tim Krob but with kaong (sweet sugar palm) and corn kernels.  Like the Ruamit, this is good but nothing spectacular.

Tako (125 php/3 pcs.)
Although we ordered a lot of the Tako, since we also received a complimentary order as a birthday present for my mom, not a piece was left on the table.  These tapioca coconut cream in pandan cups are so delicious!


thai iced tea
Thai Iced Tea (95 php)
The Thai Iced Tea is thick, rich and a bit too sweet for me.

thai iced coffee
Thai Iced Coffee (95 php)
Coffee lovers will definitely love their rich Thai Iced Coffee with exquisite nutty after-taste.

lemongrass iced tea
Lemongrass Iced Tea (95 php)
I'm quite surprised that their Lemongrass Iced Tea is sour like lemonade with lemongrass extract.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
For Thai cuisine, I highly recommend Azuthai Restaurant for its sterling food service, food quality and ambiance.  We had a sensational dining experience.  The price is a bit on the high side but quite understandable because an order is good for 3 to 5 persons. 

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Azuthai Restaurant
Business Address 900 A. Arnaiz Avenue Cor. Paseo De Roxas San Lorenzo Village, Makati City, Metro Manila
Business Hours Lunch: 1:30 am-2:30 pm
Dinner: 5:30 pm-10:00 pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 400-800
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 813-0671; (02) 817-6252
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