Old Swiss Inn Restaurant: Authentic Swiss and European cuisine

I don't really recall much about my childhood.  But, I seem to recall my odd preference over dishes back then.  I was literally crazy over two things: Old Swiss Inn's Cheese Fondue and Schwarzwalder's Farmer's Chicken.   I'd always suggest and beg my parents to eat there as often as I could.  Good thing, this addiction faded along the years as I became more adventurous. And, my quest to try more restaurants made it difficult to have favorites I'd frequent.  

To celebrate my birthday, we dined one again at the rustic and nostalgic Old Swiss Inn Restaurant at Garden Plaza Hotel & Suites in Paco
old swiss inn restaurant
It's old wooden door was enough to light up our excitement.  And, it also gave me a homey feel.

old swiss inn restaurant
They have a display of cakes and chocolates by the cashier. 

old swiss inn restaurant
It was a mid weekday but the place was packed. Former President ERAP and President PNoy are regular customers here. 
old swiss inn restaurant
It also had a bar where drinkers can enjoy. 

bread roll butter
Complimentary Bread Roll with Butter
After our orders were taken, we were given a Complimentary Bread Roll with Butter.

Bundnerteller (560 php)
I let the family decide on what they wanted to order.  And, they chose the Bundnerteller which is an assortment of air dried Swiss meat specialties such Proscuitto, Dried beef, Salami and Smoked Sausage for appetizer.  Each variant had its own richness and meatiness which piqued our taste buds.

Barley (210 php)
The creamy Barley with brunoise vegetables, dried beef and smoked bacon served with croutons was mild tasting.  It was served warm so it was quite comforting to drink.

Zweibelsuppe (210 php)
I personally liked the Zweibelsuppe which is the German version of onion soup better.

classic caesar salad
Classic Caesar Salad (240 php)
The Classic Caesar Salad was satisfactory too!  This had a generous serving of meat strips with it. 

Signature Dishes
gnagi pork knuckles
Gnagi (Pork Knucles) (545 php)
The Gnagi or cured pork knucles baked (could also be boiled at your preference) was served with tangy sauerkraut and boiled potatoes.  My family is not much of a meaty eater but they loved this to the last bit!

Fondues (Good for 2)
fondue bourguignonne
Fondue Bourguignonne (1,050 php)
The highlight of the evening was the Fondue Bourguignonne.  Uhuh... we forgoed the Cheese Fondue for this so it better be worth it right? 

fondue bourguignonne
Fondue Bourguignonne (1,050 php)
The Fondue Bourguignonne is prime beef tenderloin cubes dipped in hot oil with a carousel of sauces served with french fries.  

fondue bourguignonne
prime beef tenderloin cubes

fondue bourguignonne
Fondue Bourguignonne (1,050 php)
We had a lot of fun enjoying the Fondue Bourguignonne.  It was a great bonding activity for the family as we dipped our beef cubes in oil and waited till it was fully cooked.   It was also fun to try the various sauces and mix and match some of them together. 

toblerone cheesecake
Toblerone Cheesecake (215 php/slice)
As it was my birthday, I had this complimentary Toblerone Cheesecake delivered with a joyous birthday song.  This is their best-seller and I'm so glad that its still as good as when I've enjoyed this decades ago.

carrot cake
Carrot Cake (215 php/slice)
When we got home my family surprised me with Old Swiss Inn's Carrot Cake which they must have bought while I went to the restroom or turned my back haha! =p  It's also good as it was moist and not too sweet.  But, my heart is already captured by their Toblerone Cheesecake a long time ago and I'm quite loyal when it comes to matters of the heart you see...

Tip: Watch out for their price roll back promos on their Anniversary Day (August 25)

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
There's no better place for Authentic Swiss and European cuisine like the Old Swiss Inn Restaurant and they've got their 70 years of credibility to prove it!  I'd definitely loved to go back again.  But, now that I'm the one paying... I have to admit it that price is a bit steep.

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