Tea Monkey Tamayaki & Tea: Drinks and Snacks with Monkey Cuteness

This might sound quite peculiar but my mom, being born under the year of the monkey, is fond of cute monkeys.  I guess our home being filled with our cute monkey items we've given her over the years is enough proof.  So when we spotted Tea Monkey Tamayaki & Tea with a cute monkey logo, as expected, we quickly parked and checked it out.

tea monkey tamayaki tea
Tea Monkey Tamayaki & Tea at Wilson is found just below Carol's Texan 5.The place is modern and cozy as expected from a typical milk tea store.  But, this one has monkeys everywhere from its glass window to its walls which makes it more fun and bright.

On both branches:, we noticed that the staffs are very friendly.  I recall on our first visit at the Adriatico Branch, they even allowed us to sample before ordering so we'd know the default intensity of their tea bases. 

tea monkey tamayaki tea
Unlike other milk tea brands, Tea Monkey Tamayaki & Tea uses paper cups.  On the plus side, it is environmental friendly.  While on the other side, you can't really see what's in it so I was a bit frustrated not knowing if there's still a lot of adzuki beans and pearls down there.  Moreover, the adzuki beans are sticking to the side of a cup making it difficult to sip with the straw.  They also offer their drinks in two sizes: Regular and Large.  And, you can choose the sweetness level. 


Milk Tea
The Roasted Milk Tea with Peals L (100 php) was good but it didn't stand out in terms of flavor.  I was yearning for a more powerful roasted taste.  But, I liked their pearls with excellent chewiness.

The Matcha Milk Tea with Adzuki Beans L (115 php) is great!  It's creamy and aromatic but not too thick so its still refreshing.  The amount of adzuki beans is sufficient too.

Rock Salt & Cheese
The Green Tea L (100 php) is the best drink I've tried at Tea Monkey Tamayaki & Tea yet.  The green tea is refreshing with a flowery after-taste just the way I like it.  The rock salt & cheese heightens the flavors more giving it a great texture too.


king kong
King Kong (110 php)
Their Tamayaki comes in an adorable in a cute box still with a monkey logo.  An order always comes with six Tamayaki balls: 2 Akegai, 2 Ebi and 2 Tako.  But, they have various topping options. 

king kong
King Kong (110 php)
The King Kong named after the king of the jungle is the option with the complete toppings.  It is topped with Japanese Mayonnaise, Tamayaki Sauce, Roasted Nori, Katsuboshi, Fresh Nori, Tobiko and Kodako.  I really liked their tender and moist Tamayaki.  It was quite tasty too.  They also don't scrimp on the ingredients especially the Tako!  How I wish I could just order the Tako though cause the Akegai and Ebi is really pale in comparison to it. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Tea Monkey Tamayaki & Tea is another great place to drop by for tea and tamayaki.  The price range of the tea is at par with famous brands but quality-wise, I'd say its worth it.  There's not much tamayaki places in the Metro, I'd definitely add this to my list. 

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Tea Monkey Tamayaki & Tea
Branches Adriatico Branch
Unit 10 Adriatico Mall, Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Adriatico St.,
Malate, Manila, Metro Manila

Wilson Branch
713 Jose Abad Santos Cor. Wilson, Little Baguio,
San Juan, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11 am - 11 pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 80-200
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 570-0816
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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