10 Ways Restaurants are Using Social Media

I've always been a foodie.  I started this food blog for my own.  With tendencies of forgetting what I've eaten and tried, my entries allow me to be able to retrace and recall my dining experience.  I've also admired the chefs' creativity with food presentation so taking a photo of them allows me to appreciate them more. 

It didn't take me long to realize that food blogging as well as other forms of social media is not limited to my personal benefits and creates a ripple-effect to the food industry itself.

As a customer, I've used my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Foursquare and Instragram to share my experience with family and friends.  When people ask me how was my dining experience, what dishes I've tried, how large is the serving size, the price and ambiance, I could easily refer them to any of my posts or entries.  I also feel happy when people like my posts.  And, when people comment and ask about my posts, I can be assured that we are on the same page so I can answer them with detail and specification.

Restaurants using Social Media Infographic
With a lot of restaurants and food establishments entering the market, competition among them has become more challenging.  It favors us foodies because we get to try a lot more offerings and the quality is continuously improving.  But it is a fact that more than just a passion for food, for restauranteurs, it is a business.  In order to survive, they need to learn to keep up with modernization and technology.  By utilizing the social media, they can market their products better.  With smart phones accessible to everyone even kids, many are engaged in the social media.  And, we do it for our own needs and wants too.  So if restaurants can tap into the growth of social media, they can reap unbelievable benefits from it not just for marketing but in the total operations.  What's great about it is that it's cheap or low in cost.  At the same time, consumers also benefit from it because it keeps them updated and informs them of what to expect.  I've shared this interesting infographics on 10 Ways Restaurants are Using Social Media for the benefit of all foodies alike because it is an eye opener and interesting at the same time.  Enjoy!