Cafe Uno and Kusina Felicitas: Delicious Ilocano Dishes

During our day stroll at Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, we Tsinoy Foodies, were looking forward at an authentic Ilocano lunch. 

cafe uno
Among the suggested dining places of our Vigan City Tourism Pamplet is the Uno Grille.  However, it was too crowded so we were pointed by the staff to Cafe Uno which is on the opposite side.

uno grille

Cafe Uno, Uno Grille and Kusina Felicistas have the same owner.  As we entered Cafe Uno, we were ushered to a small wooden round table for two.  The place was also packed so were so we felt lucky that we were accomodated.  We were given two sets of menu: one for Cafe Uno and one for Kusina Felicitas.

cafe uno
Cafe Uno has a cramped yet cozy ambiance.  It had painting hanged on its rustic walls. 

cafe uno
It also has a display of different cups and mugs.

I wanted fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt to be acquainted with Ilocano dishes so I gave out some suggestions and he gave the final say.

Kusino Felicitas Menu

Mak-Makan ti Ilocos (The Food of Ilocos)
okilas dinardaraan
Okilas Dinardaraan (100 php)
The Okilas Dinardaraan is fried crispy pork cracking (chicharon) served with dinardaraan dip.  Their version of dinardaraan or pork blood stew is a bit wet so it's already similar to the Tagalog style of dinuguan.  The pork crackling were perfectly crunchy and the dinardaraan was quite tasty with a bit of a zing.  Although this is a sinful dish, both of us were delighted to munch on this.

poqui poqui
Poqui-poqui (100 php)
Kurt isn't a fan of vegetables so we had to compromise with the Poqui-poqui instead of the leafy ones. Its quite controversial because it names sounds quite vulgar in the Filipino language.  But, the Poqui-poqui is actually just the Ilocano's version of eggplant omelet (tortang talong in Tagalog)This is delicious especially with its silky texture that Kurt devoured this as if it was his favorite meat dish.

Sinanglao (190 php)
The Sinanglao has tender beef chunks with skin intact.  We enjoyed the rich flavor of the beef innards which gives a slightly bitterish taste that is countered by the sourness. 

felicitas fried rice
Felicitas Fried Rice (110 php/ good for 3 persons)
Felicitas Fried Rice is a fried rice with longanisa, egg, carrots, cabbage and leeks.  It is quite tasty. 

Cafe Uno
frozen rocha mocha
Frozen Rocha Mocha (90 php)

I'm a sucker for cute sweet treats like this so I was practically had this big smile on my face when the Frozen Rocha Mocha was served.  I was expecting this to be a bit sweet but surprisingly the blend is just right.  The cold coffee is thick, aromatic and delightful.  I loved it!

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Kusina Felicitas dishes are delicious and affordable.  The serving size are great for sharing.  It was beyond our expectation so our orders could hardly fit at our table.  Kusina Felicitas is a nice place to get acquainted with Ilocano dishes.  

The ambiance of Cafe Uno is warm and cozy.  It's the perfect place to relax and chill after a exploring the town of Vigan.  Availing yourself of their cool drinks is the perfect way to re-energize yourself against the hot weather outside.  Being a sentimental fool , I'll always remember our lunch here as one of the warmest and happiest among the meals I've spent in a foreign place.  And, although it may be simple but it's these rare moments that I look forward to in my life.

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Cafe Uno and Kusina Felicitas
Business Address G/F Grandpa's Inn, 1 Bonifacio St cor Quirino,
Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines
Business Hours 3pm-4am
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Contact (077) 722-2118
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