Buddha-Bar Manila: The Grandest Restaurant Bar Lounge in Manila

Buddha-Bar was first established in Paris.  In 1996, Buddha-Bar Paris was envisioned by Raymond Visan, owner of the famous Barfly in Paris with his concept of true "Art of Living", with confluent influences from the Pacific Rim.  With new ideas he gathered during his frequent trips especially in California, Buddha-Bar Paris instantly became a mecca in the French Capital.

Buddha-Bar has gained more popularity as it opened in Dubai, Beirut, Cairo, Mexico, Monaco, Sao Paolo, London, Kiev, Prague, Washington DC and Jakarta.  Among its loyal clients who visit Buddha-Bar whenever there is one available are famous celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Jonas Brothers, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Eva Mendes, Paris Hilton, Rod Stewart, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Johnny Depp, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez.

buddha bar manila
Since its opening last year, I've been eager to visit Buddha-Bar Manila.  Its certainly a twin of its other counterparts around the world in terms of interior and music.

buddha bar manila
First Level
Like all other Buddha-Bars around the world, the lights go dimmer and the music goes faster starting from 6 pm. 

buddha bar manila
Second Level with Sushi Bar and Function Rooms
I'm completely enchanted at the size and elegance of the place.  Each section has its own style of comfort.  There were also several VIP rooms.  The eclectic sounds by George V Records as well as the artistic artifacts offers an experience of a lifetime. 

buddha bar manila
Basement Level with Restrooms
As I searched for the restroom, I was directed to the basement.  I was once again in awe as I passed by the Asian paintings along its red hallways.  It felt as I was touring a private art gallery.  The restroom was as dazzling as the rest of the place.  The walls glittered and even the sink is a beautiful artistic glass basin. 

I'm told there is an elevator leading to the terrace which is where another party experience takes place.  


Ala Carte
pink lady
Pink Lady
The Pink Lady  is a sushi with breaded shrimp and avocado within its rolls and surimi mix on top.  It had unagi sauce whcih is their default buddha bar sauce.  Since I love sushi, I found it quite enjoyable. 

crunchy rice shrimp jalapeno
Crunchy Rice Shrimp Jalapeno
I prefer the Crunchy Rice Shrimp Jalapeno than the Pink Lady because of its fun play of textures.  I enjoyed the tenderness of the shrimp, crunchiness of the rice followed by its soft stickiness.   The added zing from the Jalapeno also made it a bit more interesting. 

boneless chicken wings
Boneless Chicken Wings
The Boneless Chicken Wings were cooked deep fried in Chinese wine topped with shallots and red and green bell pepper.  It was an Asian version of fried chicken wings because it was more fragrant and served with Spicy Thai Ginger dip.  It failed to leave a distinctive impression upon me. 

seabass tamarind
Sea Bass Tamarind
The Sea Bass Tamarind is roasted sea bass marinated in ginger, lemon grass and cumin and served with sweet tamarind sauce.  The sea bass is cooked wonderfully that it melts in the mouth exploding with its fragrant spices and natural oils.  A hint of its sauce was enough for me.

buddha bar chicken salad
Buddha-Bar Chicken Salad
 The Buddha-Bar Chicken Salad is grilled chicken strips topped with Buddha-Bar chicken dressing, sesame seeds, shredded Chinese cabbage and crispy wanton bits.  This is a chunky salad.  The chicken strips were tender and succulent as well as the other crunchy components made it quite enjoyable to feast in.

black pepper beef with thai basil
Black Pepper Beef with Thai Basil
The Black Pepper Beef with Thai Basil failed to meet my expectations.  The meat was tough and the black pepper sauce is tad too salty for me and my companions. 

thai curry prawns
Thai Curry Prawns
I loved the way the Thai Curry Prawns was served.   It came with curry sauce and Coconut and Lemon Grass rice.  The Thai curry sauce is mild but I liked it that way so I can appreciate the natural sweetness of the prawns.

chocolate sesame bars
Chocolate Sesame Bars
My favorite part is the dessert.  The Chocolate Sesame Bars is a must try!  It a sophisticated crunchy base of wafer and sesame seeds topped with smooth and rich dark chocolate.  The vanilla ice cream is even an added bonus.  My mom sometimes teases me to go and visit Buddha-Bar Manila just so I could bring home some of these. 

The Chocolat is a moist dark chocolate cake topped with a rich Varlhona gnache.  It's a bit sweeter than the Chocolate Sesame Bar and is an excellent choice for chocolate and sweet tooth lovers. 

buddha bar iced tea
Buddha-Bar Iced Tea
I'm not a fan of ordering iced tea because I usually find them too sweet for my taste.  But, the Buddha-Bar Iced Tea is definitely a pleasure for me to drink despite being served in a large glass.  This brewed tea with a refreshing mix of kiwi and lychee syrup is amazingly smooth and quenching. 

buddha bar manila cakes
Cake Display Selection
The cake displays were the first thing I noticed when I entered.  I'll come back and try more of the rest on my next visit. 

UPDATE: Check out Buddha Bar Manila's Weekends at The Terrace Barbecue Buffet and Unlimited Drinks

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
We're fortunate to have Buddha-Bar Manila.  We don't need to ride a plane to get unique "Buddha-Bar" experience it .  I think that alone makes its luxurious pricing worth it.  But, I somehow felt that the improvisation of some dishes can even take it up by another notch.

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Buddha-Bar Manila
Business Address Picar Place, Kalayaan Avenue, 
Makati City,Metro Manila, Philippines
Business Hours 12pm-3am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 800-3000
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 856-6859
Other  Email: info@buddhabarmanila.com Website
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