Taters: Discovering the Juicy and Healthy Churkey Burger and More!

For many years, I've ordered the same favorites from Taters and that is their Super Pop and Tater Chips  in Wasabi and White Cheddar flavor.  Every time  we watch a movie, I would always volunteer to line up while my companions bought the tickets.  Like me, my friends would have their own favorites so they need not glance on the menu.  This routine seemed convenient to me and I'm sure for many.  But, I never realized that I could be missing out on trying out other products that Taters had to offer. 

Just last month, I had the chance to glance at their menu, and realized that they had a wide variety of offerings like Sandwiches. 

taters churkey burger
Churkey Burger Quarter Pound with Cheese Slice Meal (185 php + 10 php)
I tried the Churkey Burger Quarter Pound with Cheese Slice Meal because it sounds like a good deal.  The meal inlcudes the Churkey Burger Quarter Pound (I opted to add 10 php for a cheese slice), a 12 oz drink of your choice: Soda or Iced Tea and a choice of siding: Tater Chips, House Fryes, Tortilla Chips or Super Pop.
taters churkey burger
Churkey Burger Quarter Pound with Cheese Slice Meal (185 php + 10 php)
The Churkey Burger's pattie is actually a combination of Chicken and Turkey.  I know you're probably thinking that is a lame and healthy choice.  I'll admit, I thought so too until I took a bite...   And, I was was practically drooling over the Churkey Burger.    I couldn't believe thatt his juicy, lean, healthy, tasty and affordable burger was right under my nose all along and I didn't discover this until today. I usually don't order a chicken burger because I often find it tough to chew and lacking in flavor, more so with the Turkey which is more dry and stale.  

Whenever I'm busy,  I used to rush off to watch a movie after school and eat dinner in the cinema.  We'd always have to rush of to a fast food joint, line up and take out our meals.  Then, we'd pass by Taters for our Super Pop and Tater Chips.  With this discovery, I'll be ordering my meals at Taters with much ease, convenience, savings and satisfaction too.  Seriously, I dare you to try this!  

All Time Snacks

cheddar munchers
Cheddar Munchers (75 php/5 pcs)
I also got to try the Cheddar Munchers which are like the mini hash browns filled with cheddar cheese.  I've always been a fan of hash browns so you can just imagine my glee as  I popped these into my mouth and munched into its crunchiness followed by the mushiness.  I'm going for the Mexican Munchers next!

sweet tater tots
Sweet Tater Tots Minor League (55 php)
If you prefer it sweet, I'm sure you'll love the Sweet Tater TotsI think kids will love these.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Taters has consistently offered quality American snacks since 1994I admire their drive for innovation that so they can offer more snacks and now even meal options that upgrade our movie experience.  Aside from that, they offer catering and delivery too so just go ahead and satisfy your cravings.

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