Navi Korean Restaurant: The Best Korean Cruise Restaurant Experience in Manila (Closed)

It has been customary for my family to check out new Korean restaurants within the Malate area.  So when we noticed the opening of Navi Korean Restaurant, we made plans to dine. 

navi korean restaurant
Navi has a nice exterior and a spacious parking space.  As we were ushered inside with outmost hospitality by the waitress in cute navy uniforms, we were awed by the bright, spacious and luxurious ambiance.  The booths are extremely cozy and wider than usual.   

navi korean restaurant
There are dividers for each table space to grant intimacy and privacy among diners.  Each table allows for tabletop cooking as well.  During our visit, we noticed that their patrons are all Koreans.

complimentary bbq
Complimentary Pork Barbecue
On a typical Korean restaurant, we were used to be provided with complimentary sets of Banchan.  So when we were served some Pork Barbecue, we thought it was a mistake.  We just had to clarify whether it was complimentary too.  Its one stick for every customer.

complimentary banchan
Complimentary Banchan
So these are the real Complimentary Banchan.  I'd say there were generous and every one of these are delcious even the Cold Kimchi Soup.

brown rice tea
Complimentary Brown Rice Tea
When we asked for their house tea, we were surprised and pleased that we were served their Complimentary Brown Rice Tea in a cup and saucer.  Their service feels like in a five star cruise or hotel standard.

A La Carte
dong tea maewutang
Dong Tae Maewutang Medium (Stew with Pollack) (800 php)
The Dong Tae Maewutang is a red hot stew with vegetables and pollack.  According to our server, pollack is a fish imported from Korea.  It's pretty good.  We'll probably try more of it when we can.

samgeatang chicken broth ginseng
Samgeatang (Chicken Broth with Ginseng) (600 php)
Although this is only my first time to try the Samgeatang which is a clear chicken soup with ginseng, this seemed to be a family favorite for quite some time now.  I guess I missed out on a number of family dinners due to my busy academic schedule. =(  The flavor is a bit mild so you can appreciate the light sweet taste of ginseng.  I like it the way it is but others may opt to add some spices.


dolsot bibimbap
Dolsot Bibimbap (400 php)
The Dolsot Bibimbap is served with a bottle of gochujang.  This is a bit pricey on its own but the best one I've tried yet even without the meat, seafood, fish and vegetable.

Update (Oct 26, 2014): This restaurant is closed =(  It is now replaced by Jung Korean Restaurant (will post a review on it soon).

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Navi offers the best Korean cruise restaurant experience in Manila.  We were so stuffed because we underestimated the serving size and the generous proportions of the complimentary dishes.  Therefore, although the individual price of the dishes are a bit of a premium, you get more than what you pay for because of the generous amount of complimentary dishes, the food quality and the excellent service.   Having tried out almost every Korean restaurant in Malate, I think I've found the best one yet.  We'll surely come back again!

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Navi Korean Restaurant
Business Address 600 Kaela Allyson Building, Remedios St., Malate, 
Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours Mon-Sat: 10am-10pm
Sun: 10am-12pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 300-800
Free WiFi Yes (But too slow to browse)
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 302-7297
Other  Email: Facebook Fan Page
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