Farah Lebanese Food and Barbecue: Hidden Gem for Authentic Lebanese and Halal Dishes (Closed)

There's not much Lebanese and Halal restaurant here in Manila so we're very excited to discover Farah Lebanese Food and Barbecue at Harrison Plaza

farah lebanese food and barbecue
Although it looks small from the outside, we realized that it was very spacious as soon as we stepped in. 

farah lebanese food and barbecue
It can cater to small and big groups for meals and for shisha sessions.  The photos hanged on it walls give it Lebanese feel.  Yet, on the contrary, their TV shows the usual English shows.  We ascertained the place is really authentic because one of the Lebanese owners is seated on one table with his laptop overlooking the operations and the Lebanese chef goes in and out of the kitchen once in awhile too. 

hummus moutabal pita
Hummus (115 php) Moutabal (115 php) and Pita (10 php/piece)
I'm a huge fan of Middle Eastern appetizers.  Thus, I decided to order my two favorites: Hummus and the Moutabal.  Each order comes with two large pieces of Pita.  I love pitas.  You'd find it to believe but I'd even prefer it over rice.  Their Pita is the best I've had.  It was served warm, soft and chewy.  We even had to order more!  Their Hummus is also beyond those I've encountered before!  It's texture is smooth and the flavor of chickpeas together with the tahini, olive oil, spices and lemon juice is bold.  The Moutabal does not fall behind too.   The eggplant is served in a separate bowl so you can blend it according to your preference.  Because of the great appetizers, we were very much eager to try out the rest of their offerings.


shish tawhouk chicken kebab
Shish Tawhouk (Chicken Kebab) (320 php/3 sticks)
The Shish Tawhouk or their chicken kebab is great in terms of taste but it could be a bit juicier.  

Rice Platters 
daoud basha
Daoud Basha (Minced Meat with Pasley and Tomato Sauce) (320 php)
It's my first time to try the Daoud Basha and I loved it!  It has a rich fragrant and tangy taste.  The minced meat is so tender that you need not even chew.  All their Rice Platters are served with basmati rice, one of the finest types of rice in the world.

Special Item (NOT on the menu but by request)
rostu beef
Rostu Beef (420 php)
Our server suggested that we try their best-selling item which ironically is not on the menu.  It's the Rostu Beef or roast beef.  The winning factor in this dish is its creamy yet foamy white sauce that is to die for!  It was able to transform the dull roast beef into an enticing one.  The beef is tender too.  I highly recommend this!

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Farah Lebanese Food and Barbecue is a hidden Gem for Authentic Lebanese and Halal dishes.  The food is great and serving portions are great for sharing.  And, if you're into shisha they have those too.  Now we know where to go when craving for delicious authentic Lebanese Cuisine

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Farah Lebanese Food and Barbecue
Business Address Unit 4, HP Village Square, Harrison Plaza
Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-1am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 268-1876
Other  Email: farahlebanesecuisine@hotmail.com Facebook Fan Page
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