Yabu House of Katsu: Soft Shell Crab and Menchi Katsu

Since our first dining experience at Yabu was incomplete, I was invited for a complimentary meal.  This time, I chose the Robinson's Magnolia Branch which is slightly nearer to our home.  

yabu magnolia branch
As expected, it was a busy lunch for Yabu.  But, although the waiting list was long, no one complained.  In fact, it's as if the people were already accustomed to this routine.  The staffs were also happy to accommodate the customers' query and did their jobs stress-free. 

yabu magnolia branch
We're lucky to be seated inside unlike the last so we were able to appreciate its cozy ambiance and the comics on the wall which showed how special the Oyster Katsu was.  

yabu magnolia branch
There is a narrow area where you can see their staffs speedy preparation for drinks.  There are Japanese bottles displayed on the top back part of the bar.  At the side of the wall there are also frames of quotes.  It's not as visible to the diners but it plays its role in making the place more colorful and lively. 

yabu magnolia branch
Yabu Condiments
yabu magnolia branch
So here's what we missed the last time we visited.  Our server enthusiastically showed us how to do it and we tried it ourselves.  It's quite entertaining to do while waiting for our orders.  

yabu magnolia branch
Then, we added two scoops of their special sauce.


Katsu Curry Sets
rosu katsudon set
Rosu Kurobuta Set (615 php)
rosu katsudon set
Rosu Kurobuta Set (615 php)
I'v been wanting to try their Katsu Curry and I've been craving for their Rosu Katsu so I got the best of both worlds and ordered the Rosu Kurobuta Set.  I was delighted with joy upon first bite.  Their Rosu Katsu is simply the best in terms of texture.  It felt like chewing marshmallows yet it was exploding with succulent and tasty pork meat goodness.  The curry is just right in terms of flavor and thickness too.  The amount of spiciness is just right to tickle the taste buds and leave it wanting for more.

New Katsu Items (Available from Dec. 15, 2012)
menchi katsu
♥ Menchi with Cheese Katsu
menchi katsu
Menchi with Cheese Katsu
The Menchi with Cheese Katsu looks normal upon serving.  But upon grabbing a piece, it was oozing with cheese in between the ground beef and pork.  The crunchy breading, the creamy cheese and the chewy ground meat makes it pleasurable to eat.  The symphony of flavors it brings is even better.  I'm sure this will be a great hit especially to cheese lovers and kids.  

soft shell crab katsu
♥ Soft Shell Crab Katsu 
To be honest, you'll never catch me eating crabs outside our home.  Its not that I'm allergic to crabs neither do I hate them, they're just to difficult to eat.  I'm so glad that Yabu introduced the Soft Shell Crab Katsu. Now people like me can enjoy them anytime.  An order of the Soft Shell Crab Katsu contains soft shell crabs sliced in half and their sweet ponzu layu sauce.

soft shell crab katsu
Soft Shell Crab Katsu 
A bite of the Soft Shell Crab Katsu is just so heavenly.  You get to enjoy the crunch and the sweet sensational flavors of the sea at the same time.  Their Soft Shell Crabs Katsu had a lot of egg too.  And, as if the body part of the Soft Shell Crab Katsu, wait till you get to the crab legs.  They are so wonderfully crispy in every bite that you'll find it a bit addictive.  This dish is so good that I can already guarantee that it will be a hit!

chocolate lava cake
Chocolate Lava Cake
The Chocolate Lava Cake is served with a scoop of chocolate ice cream on top.  The moist chocolate cake with the perfect blend of bitter-sweetness is a superb meal ender.  

bottomless lemonade iced tea
Bottomless Iced Tea (95 php) and Bottomless Lemonade (80 php)
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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Regardless of the branch, Yabu has maintained its superior quality in terms of service and dishes.  I noticed that they've improved their service since the staff now checks each table whether their orders are complete so they can advise the kitchen.  Now with the introduction of the Soft Shell Crab Katsu and Menchi Katsu, I'm sure more customers will be eager to dine at Yabu once again.  With the increasing demand, I'm glad it has opened its SM Mall of Asia branch which is accessible to Manila residents like us.

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Yabu House of Katsu Robinson's Magnolia
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