The Burger Project: Wholesome Burgers Now at Taft Manila

We've long been hearing and reading about The Burger Project.  So, when we heard that their opening a branch here in Taft, without a second thought, we rushed in to try it out specially since its under wing of Pino Group same as Pipino where we've had the best vegetarian experience.

the burger project taft
The Burger Project occupies a two floor space at the Grand Towers.  The glass allows you to see everything inside.  It has wooden tables and wooden chairs which are a bit similar to picnic tables but its more artistic and clean looking.

the burger project taft
The Burger Project adopts a pay as you order system like the usual burger joints.  It has a artsy chalk board where  you can see what toppings are on their designer burgers.

the burger project taft
To order, they will give you a checklist so you can create your own BRGR of your dreams.  And, that includes naming it.  I guess this is what makes it fun. Right? 

the burger project taft
Upon ordering, we decided to dine on the second level for a bit more privacy and the ambiance is better too.


Designer Burgers
We didn't feel very creative during our visit so we decided to order their Designer Burgers.  Well, I've always had this belief that if you'r not confident then just trust the experts.  The burgers are served in a red basket with printed waxed paper.  

western bacon melt beef
Western Bacon Melt Beef (224 php)
The Western Bacon Melt Beef is a burger with beef patty, bacon, onion ring, shitake and button mushrooms, cheddar cheese and tomatoes drenched in BBQ sauce.  Upon receiving our orders, we were amazed at how generous they were with the toppings.  It was an overload of mushrooms! And, since we loved them we ate this burger with glee.  Their beef patty tastes like pure beef.  I know every burger place says the same thing but the taste won't lie right?  This is one has definitely made it to the top of our list.  This is the real deal right here. =D

tokyo pop beef
Tokyo Pop! Beef (174 php)
The Tokyo Pop! Beef is a simple burger with beef patty, mushrooms, onions, fresh tomatoes and oozing with teriyaki and wasabi mayonnaise.   The wasabi mayonnaise is not that spicy perhaps it was more on the mayonnaise side but I didn't mind.  The perfect blend of teriyaki sauce and wasabi mayonnaise is just delightful. Again, there were tons of mushrooms which made this burger even better. 

buffalo wings
Buffalo Wings (150 php)
Who says they're just about burgers?  You should try their Buffalo Wings too.  It has a really spicy and tangy sauce that makes it addictively good.  The wings have a tender and juicy meat too. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
The Burger Project is the real deal when it comes to burger joints.  They serve awesome wholesome burgers that's loaded with generous toppings.  I'll definitely come visit them again when craving for burgers.  They've got it all: cozy ambiance, affordability, fun and more!  I'll surely check mushrooms again on my next visit too.   The Pino Group sure does not disappoint.  Now that I'm convinced, I'll try Pino Restaurant and Bar next. =D

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The Burger Project Taft
Business Address Grand Towers, Pablo Ocampo Sr. (corner Taft Ave),
Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-12mn
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 100-300
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (0916) 235-3085
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