Cha Life Milk Tea: Milk Tea You Can Enjoy Anytime

The girls and I at The Foodies Circle were a bit stress with our daily lives for the past few weeks.  So when we were invited to sample Cha Life Milk Tea at Nail It Salon in Rockwell Business Center, we grabbed the chance to pamper ourselves.  Being a milk tea addict (click and see how many variants I've tried), I was quite eager to try Cha Life Milk Tea.

Cha life milk tea
Cha Life Milk Tea is a new powdered milk tea mix concept.  It is a subsidiary of Rebisco.  Since its an instant drink mix, you can have it hot or cold depending on your preference.  This milk tea comes in our variant and one sachet size at the moment which can be bought at 7-11 and other supermarkets for only 7.50 php.  The serving size is more generous than its imported counterparts because it's a glassful.

Upon tasting, we were all impressed with the right blend of flavors.  We were told that its a secret mix of different tea extracts.  We can sense the chamomile tea because despite being rich in taste, it was quite cool and refreshing.  I'm amazed that it was not too sweet.  It was around 60% milk so its quite creamy, 40% tea so its flavorful and I'd say the sugar level as compared to milk tea shops is around 50%.  We enjoyed it so much we had to ask for a second cup before leaving.

Cha life milk tea
You might be surprised to know that as a law student, I spend most of my time staying at home to sit and read books and piles of cases.  Whenever I have a free time, I'd devote that to cleaning my room or taking care of my 7 dogs.  In short, I spend around 90% of my time at home.  But, like I said, I'm a milk tea fanatic.        It seemed unreasonable to go out just for a glass of milk tea right?  I'd glad there's Cha Life Milk Tea that's made available for home buddies like me.  

Like any ordinary drink mix, I just tear the sachet and poured the powder unto the glass.  Mixing is even easier.  I'm glad that it tasted exactly the same as the sample we had.  It means that the sachet mix is accurate in its blending proportions and that I did it right.  Because honestly, I've had several experience in the past where the samples were so good but when I go home, I can't get the same thing.  

Cha life milk tea
With a glass of water and some ice, I was able to enjoy my milk tea while studying at home.  I feel relaxed and refreshed at the same time.  But, don't take my word for it.  Try it out for yourself.  Its very affordable anyway.  

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