Wine Museum: Good Food and Wine

Wine Museum is a hotel and restaurant with a wine education center for those who want to learn to appreciate wines.

wine museum
Upon entry, we were caught sight of this painted wall with a imagery of a cellar.  

wine museum
Every artifact and display on the restaurant is related to wines such as this collection of corks.  It's a simple but visually appealing arrangement.

wine museum
The main dining area of the restaurant is not as spacious but they have function rooms for events on the second floor.  They also have a bar with displays of empty wine bottles.


caesar salad
Caesar Salad (200 php)
The Caesar Salad with its crunchy croutons, fresh greens, bacon bits and adequate amount of dressing provide a wonderful starter.

spinach and white cheese
Spinach & White Cheese (125 php)
The Spinach & White Cheese is sauteed spinach with cubes of white cheese.  This doesn't only look healthy but it taste like one too. =D

paella collonial
Paella Collonial (450 php)
The Paella Collonial did not meet my standards for a paella.  Not that I was complaining since the price was really affordable compared to others I've tried.  The saffron rice was a bit bland.  But, I liked that it had olives in it.

crispy toro
♥ Crispy Toro (325 php)
Since Wine Museum is owned by the Joseph's same as Nectar Restaurant.  They also have the Crispy Toro.  It still has its charm even on the second time around.  The crispy coating followed by the tender meat is just amazing.  

callos madrilenos
♥ Callos Madrilenos (350 php)
The Callos Madrilenos was had the right blend of rich flavor and texture of the ingredients. 

fish fillet ali oli
♥ Fish Fillet with Ali Oli (275 php)
The Fish Fillet with Ali Oli may loook plain but a bite of it will surely change your perspective.  The batter coating is perfectly crunchy concealing within the soft and succulent fish fillet that holds the freshness of the sea.  Together with the Ali Oli sauce, this is sure to stir your appetite and leave you wanting for more.

cabernet savignon wine
♥ Cabernet Savignon
Since we're in a Wine Museum, a bottle of wine or two to pair with our food enhances the experience.  Remember the basics of wine pairing or ask the servers for tips so you can order the right type of wine for your food.

Wine Education Center
After you dine, you can check out their wine education center and familiarize yourself about wines.  
wine museum
Get to know the types of wines.

Now you know what types of grapes are made to produce the wine.

wine museum
This is something I just learned then and there.  Could you believe that?

wine museum
There also have actual tools and artifacts related to wine making which is cool.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Wine Museum is a great place to start ones education for wines.  Not only do you get to enjoy the great food together with their affordable wines, you can also check out their Wine Education Center.  It is also a great place for a casual hang out with the pleasures of wine.  They also cater to functions and events.  The area is near the airport too so its a convenient stop-over if you are coming in from from a flight or going to take a flight soon.

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Wine Museum
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Business Hours 8am-10pm
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Contact (02) 239-4278
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