Domo Maguro Restaurant: Authentic Japanese and Korean Restaurant

It was a casual drizzling Sunday night after church.  The family felt like going for a warm hot bowl of ramen so we headed onto the nearby Domo Maguro Restaurant.  
domo maguro restaurant
As we walk in, we were welcomed by a Korean lady who instructed the server to guide us.

domo maguro restaurant
We passed the sushi and sake bar towards a private room which was just right for six people. 

domo maguro restaurant
Atop our wooden table, the utensils are already set up.  As we seated, the menu was handed to us.  I wanted to take a picture of it but the Korean lady warned against it.  However, as I browsed the internet, I found their menu posted on their Facebook fan page.  That was odd.



complimentary salad
Complimentary Salad
While waiting for our orders, we were given a Complimentary Salad which had a light oil-based dressing with a large slice of fresh tomatoes, roasted garlic and greens.  

complimentary miso soup
Complimentary Miso Soup
We were also provided a Complimentary Miso Soup.  It was delicious and soothing.

Sashimi a la carte

saba and mekakiji
  Saba (200 php) and  ♥  Mekakiji (200 php)
The sashimi was served in a beautiful platter looking fresh and tasty.  The Saba is largely sliced and it was exploding in flavor in every bite.  The Mekakiji is sliced in a distinct triangular shape.  It is the first time I've tried it and it is delicious.

rainbow roll
Rainbow Roll 8 pcs. (320 php)
The Rainbow Roll is one of the best looking sushi platter I've encountered.  It has lettuce, cucumber, crabmeat, avocado on top of tuna, salmon, shrimp and squid drizzled with mustard and hot sauce.  


tempura udon
Tempura Udon (250 php)
The Tempura Udon is a mixed tempura with udon noodles in Japanese light soy sauce.  It was served warm and freshly cooked so the tempura batter is still crunchy.  The soup is slightly sweet and flavorful.

nabe udon
  Nabe Udon (280 php)
The Nabe Udon has tempura shrimp, shitake mushroom, onions, brocolli, leeks and naruto.  This is one of the best Udon I've ever tasted.  The flavor from the ingredients are sensationally glorified in every sip.


shin ramyun
Shin Ramyun (200 php)
The Shin Ramyun is a spicy Korean noodle soup with carrots, leeks and egg.  It was intensely hot as I could feel the sizzle of red hot chili running through my throat but nothing I couldn't manage.  It was nothing special even similar to instant ones but I enjoyed it anyway because I just love the spiciness.

gomuko ramen
 Gomuko Ramen (250 php)
The Gomuko Ramen is a ramen noodle with a great assortment of seafood.  It has shrimp, mussels, clams, fish fillet, bean sprouts, leeks, carrots, mushrooms and brocolli.  The soup is clear but it was so sweet and rich.


kimchi bockumbap
  Kimchi Bockumbap (240 php)
The Kimchi Bockumbap is our family favorite dish.  We just HAVE to order one when available in the menu.  This version is delicious!  It is dominantly spicy with a bit of sour and sweet taste.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict

Domo Maguro Restaurant serve delicious authentic Japanese and Korean dishes.  From the sashimi to the ramen, everything was satisfying.  The price is quite reasonable too.

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Domo Maguro Restaurant Malate
Business Address 270 Gen. M. Malvar St., Malate, 
Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 6%
Budget/Person 200-400
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 697-2221
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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